Carnitas Recipe

I like cooking sooooooo here my go at my carnitas recipe.

Its fairly simple…

First youll need a slow cooker but if you dont, no worries… oven works too, just may take a bit longer and youll have to turn the carnitas every now and then so they dont dry up. This said, it still may take up to 6 hours to fully break down in the slow cooker and while doing so make sure you are breaking it down with a fork as it softens.

About 4 pounds of carnitas seasoned with:

  • 1 teasponful of salt, pepper, cumin, and oregano.
    Make sure all these ingreadiants are mixed first so then the seasoning is complete for the carnitas.

Trick for flavor is 1 red onion finely cut into strips with about 2 spoons of olive oil. Make sure these caramelize first.

Once youre carnitas are cooked and you have on a separate pan, your caramelized onions in olive oil, depending in how much carnitas per onions you want. Drop in the carnitas with the onions and sautee them for just a bit so the carnitas can mix with the onions juices.

Youre all set!

Now this can be served in corn tortillas or literally however you want. Ive actually had mine in a sandwich type deal with sweet plantain, grape tomatos and iceburg lettuce finely cut. Enjoy!




Damn, that looks good.

Stupid question, is that just a pork loin? Explain it to me like I’m 5.

Pretty much but shredded to get the most flavor out of it. Just a pork loin seasoned and simmered in its own fat or oil until tender enough to strip it. Simple recipe and can be used for anything. Ive even made them as a topping for a baked botato. Simple and hits the spot.

Only detail is keeping it moist.


Carnitas are the shit. Thanks for the write up, you are an inspiration

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Looks good. I do something similar with braising a pork shoulder or pork butt in a slow cooker. I season similar but with paprika and a little cayenne. A good trick/tip is to braise it using some white wine.

After 6hours it’ll fall off the bone. I use shoulder or butt because of the bone. Gives a little flavor and is typically cheaper than a loin.