Call of Duty Vanguard Updates and Bug Fixes

November 16 Update


  • Weapons
    • Nerfed the Vital + Cal Up combination
    • Nerfed Buckslug
  • Post-Match
    • Reduced the MVP Voting screen duration by 5 seconds
  • Progression
    • Fixed Clan Progression issue where progression was stuck at Level 2
  • Field Upgrades
    • Fixed an issue where using Dead Drop sometimes prevented the player from deploying any more Killstreaks earned


  • Progression
    * Addressed an issue that could reset progress for NZ-41 Camo Challenges
  • Pack-a-Punch
    • Addressed an issue where players could lose their Pack-a-Punch weapon mid-round
  • Gameplay
    • Closed an exploit in Stalingrad where zombies could not reach the player

November 17 Bug Fixes

Shipment was the most important addition to come from the Vanguard update, but Sledgehammer Games also addressed plenty of bugs. Below is a list of all the issues Sledgehammer Games tackled:


  • PS5 – Resolved issue where players could not start up Vanguard if they had less than 40gb of space available
  • Weapons
    • Fixed bug preventing players from equipping camos
    • Players can no longer equip camos they do not own
  • Clans
    • Fixed issue where Clan Members would crash when attempting to send a clan invite
  • Progression
    • Corrected inconsistencies for Next Unlock in the Operators Tab


  • Scoreboard
    • Addressed an issue where players could not view the Scoreboard after dying or after Exfil.
  • UI
    • Addressed an issue where players could not view Armor Health in the HUD.
  • Objectives
    • Addressed an issue where Objectives would not start properly, preventing progression.

November 18 Bug Fixes


  • Weapon Tuning

    • Reduced the effects of ADS Spread (aka Bloom) on base weapons (without attachments).

    • Dev Note: Attachments improving Accuracy will reduce ADS Spread. Attachments with Accuracy penalties will increase the effects of ADS Spread.

    • Balance pass on all Shotguns affecting range, pellet spread, hipfire penalty, and more.

  • Weapon Challenges

    • Fixed an issue where the MK11 launcher’s Long Shot Challenges were not tracking.

    • Corrected a mislabeled Proficiency required for the Mind Games Challenge for the Automaton.

    • Fixed a bug preventing the player from completing the Deadeye Challenge for the Fighting Knife.

  • UI - Gameplay

    • Fixed the Search and Destroy bomb glitch where players could see when an enemy was defusing the bomb.
  • Perks

    • Fixed the Gung Ho sprint speed shooting glitch - Slow down, friends.
  • Field Upgrade

    • Fixed a bug where players had 10x the amount of Armor HP than normal.
  • Challenges

    • Fixed a bug where the Grizzled Veteran Challenge - Get 50 Eliminations in Objective Modes was not tracking properly.
  • XP

    • Operators’ favorite weapons now provide the correct amount of XP when used.
  • Clan Tags

    • You know you shouldn’t be rocking the SHG, IW, and Raven tags. Now we’ve made it so you can’t.


  • Exfil

    • Addressed an issue where the player could still interact with the Exfil portal after failing to Exfil.
  • Progression

    • Corrected the MVP Highlight unlock text that displays when reaching Level 5 with Solange.
  • Covenants

    • Addressed an issue where Legendary Covenants were still not appearing for some players.


  • Reduced the MVP Voting screen duration by 5 seconds
    Thank goodness! I’d prefer they removed it but this is a step in the right direction