Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 Megathread



Not much yet, but it is beginning to heat up, so I am starting the thread now.


I have such fond memories of playing the first Modern Warfare. That game changed my perception of the FPS genre and what was possible. I haven’t played another MW since.


It really was a game changer at the time. I loved MW1 and MW2 and still think they’re the best CoD’s to date. That said I think MW3 was more of a balanced MW2.

Either way it’s a bit sad to see CoD now. Call of Duty used to be what the industry copied and stole ideas from. BLOPS 4 is the opposite, ripping off the Battle Royale modes of Fortnite and PUBG, or copying Overwatch’s MP style with 5 players per team and locked in specialists (AKA heroes or champions).


BLOPS 4 seems a little rushed to me. The lack of solo campaign warrants a reduced price.


Yes, but the lack of a campaign was replaced by
Blackout. I think the price is fine if you’re going to play MP and Blackout, or any combo of 2 from MP, Zombies or Blackout. blackout is obviously a huge hit, and Zombies is bigger and more content than ever at launch. Unless you’re just playing one mode - @Lala_Calamari - then the price is right.

That said, they should have a Blackout only release for 30 bucks.


Meh, I got my money’s worth from Blackout alone. I’ve put enough time in already to warrant the purchase.