I know there isn’t going to be a huge interest next weekend, but here you go…

The stage is set for another battle, with Clans battling for dominance in Copenhagen, Denmark. Bronze-Platinum Divisions will continue their battle for Centurion gear, while Diamond Division fights for Valkyrie gear and a top spot on the Season 2 Diamond Division leaderboard. See below for specifics on timing and gear rewards.

Bronze – Platinum Divisions

Bronze through Platinum Division Clans will compete beginning Friday, June 12th at 12PM PDT / 9PM CEST, and continuing through Monday, June 15th at 12PM PDT / 9PM CEST.

Clans that place 1st in either Gold or Platinum will unlock another piece of the Centurion set, as follows:

Centurion Exo: Win 1 Clan War
Centurion Shin Guards: Win 2 Clan Wars
Centurion Pants: Win 3 Clan Wars
Centurion Loadout: Win 4 Clan Wars
Centurion Helmet: Win 5 Clan Wars

The Centurion Gloves, Shirt, and Boots can also be earned by completing the following challenges in any division:

Centurion Gloves: Capture the most nodes during any Clan War.
Centurion Shirt: Finish any Clan War holding at least three nodes.
Centurion Boots: Hold 4 nodes at the same time in any Clan War.

Expect all earned rewards to be delivered within 72 hours after the end time of each war.

Diamond Division

The Copenhagen Diamond Division engagement takes place over a two-day period, on Friday, June 12th and Saturday, June 13th.

Each day of the war, Diamond Division Clans will battle it out in four-hour blocks of time, with different times supported across US Pacific, US Eastern, and European time zones.

Regional times each day as follows:
• Pacific: Starts 7PM PDT, finishes 11PM PDT
• Eastern: Starts 7PM EDT, finishes 11PM EDT
• Europe: Starts 8PM CEST, finishes 12AM CEST

The first five in-game Valkyrie gear pieces can be earned by placing 1st in Diamond Division, as follows:

Valkyrie Exo: Win 1 Diamond/BR Clan War
Valkyrie Shin Guards: Win 2 Diamond/BR Clan Wars
Valkyrie Pants: Win 3 Diamond/BR Clan Wars
Valkyrie Loadout: Win 4 Diamond/BR Clan Wars
Valkyrie Helmet: Win 5 Diamond/BR Clan Wars

Diamond Division Clans can also earn the Valkyrie Gloves, Shirt, and Boots by completing the following challenges:

Valkyrie Gloves: Capture the most nodes during a Diamond/BR Clan War.
Valkyrie Shirt: Finish a Diamond/BR Clan War holding at least three nodes.
Valkyrie Boots: Hold 4 nodes at the same time in a Diamond/BR Clan War.

Expect all earned rewards to be delivered within 72 hours after the end time of each war.

Roster Lock

As a reminder, roster lock occurs 24 hours prior to the start of each Clan War. The sooner your roster is in order leading up to an event, the better.

You can probably drop the roster to the lower levels for this clan wars. I expect a lot of people will be too busy ERPing (Erotic Role Playing) in TESO.

Damn they are pumping those things out, 2 weeks since last one?

I already did that. …during our beat down last weekend.

I in for next week .

not likely w/TESO release.

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I’m out for Friday and Saturday. I’ll be out of town…but I’ll be back Sunday if there is space for me.

I’m sure I wI’ll be able to also. Not even sure if I’ll be playing it past Wednesday.

Count me in. I’m a sucker for Skyrim, but MMOs never have fired my synapses.

Between Beers , Hobbs , Lux , Yeeps and myself , the clan is in 1st place right now . Hope we can keep it .