Call of Duty Blackout Beta night on XBox

Well, us 2nd classers on the XBone, get to try the Blackout Beta starting Friday. I will be on there all weekend in the evenings. I know we can only do 4 per squad, but this is to let you know I will be looking for 3 partners, and we can all party up and break off into squads if needed.

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I’m in! Can’t wait to try this out, it looks fantastic.


You know I am there when it happens.

So there !!

It’s kinda nice to see them doing all the updates now, on PS4, so it’s a bit better for us at first.

@codplayers Bumping to remind you all.

No preorder for me. If anyone gets any free codes let me and quantam klutz know we wouldn’t mind trying it out

Can we expect Johnny Hustler to show up ?

He might be playing the beta on PS4 at the moment.

I’m efforting to get a code on Xbox.