Call for BLOPS3 Videos

We’re planning on doing a ReaperCast Roundtable sometime next week for BLOPS3. I’d like to create a GRG Video Montage similar to the one we did for Destiny’s Iron Banner. It’d be a great help if you could capture any game highlights so we could create the new montage. It’d be even more helpful if you could edit it down to just the meat and potatoes!

Anyway, we’ll need the video submissions ASAP. We’re looking at doing the roundtable Tuesday night. So try to get it in Sunday or Monday (at the latest).

I am sure the roundtable will be top notch!

Is GRG known for anything other than top notch?

Bottom rung?

How do we get the video to you guys?

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Go to, and enter your GT. It will have all of your saved clips. Copy and paste url here.

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6 Killstreak with tempest onnuketown

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Here’s one from me! A four piece!