Buying CoD: Black Ops 3's New DLC Supports Veterans

Call of Duty: Black Ops III is getting a new bundle of cosmetic items soon, the Double Duty Pack. What’s most interesting about this specific pack is that the proceeds from its sale will go toward helping veterans of the American military.

It’s a part of Activision’s charity, the Call of Duty Endowment, which works toward getting more veterans hired after their time in the military. The pack features the Double Duty Calling Card, a player ID background that is animated to show a soldier transitioning from warfare to civilian life.

The pack also comes with three Rare Supply Drops, which give loot ranging from special weapons to other Calling Cards and weapon skins. It costs $4 and launches tomorrow, July 28. It’ll be available until February 7.

According to Activision, “The Endowment has funded more than 37,000 job placements, at an average cost-per-placement of $552, with an average starting salary of $56,784, and with a six-month retention rate of 88 percent. The Endowment hopes to place 50,000 vets into high-quality careers by 2019.”

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Well atleast this is a good reason to fork out some cash on those supply drops

Thanks for the information Is it horrible of me to wonder how much of the purchase goes directly to help the vets ? Have to break my own rules and buy some

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