Bungie Says You Won't Have To Leave Year-One Destiny 2 Weapons Behind

It was understandable that Destiny 2 players might fear the same thing would happen this time around, particularly as many of us are only now beginning to grind for top-tier legendary weapons like the ones you can get from completing the Warmind expansion’s difficult Escalation Protocol events. When Forsaken launches in September, will all that stuff become obsolete? Will we have to start all over?

“You’ll be able to bring your Year One stuff forward with you, if you own Forsaken you’ll be able to bring it up to the same [level],” Forsaken director Steve Cotton told PC Gamer in an interview today at E3 in Los Angeles.

Project lead Scott Taylor got more specific in the same interview: “We are very comfortable saying that if you’re working on faction rallies right now, or the things that are coming in the summer, that’ll still be totally worth it because you’ll be able to bring that stuff into the new content.”

There’s perhaps still a slightly niggling lack of specifics there, but in general that all sounds pretty solid. I’ve still never even gotten past the second round of Escalation Protocol, but I do kinda want a couple of those EP guns. Good to know that chasing them won’t be for naught.

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I was happy to read that, I remember leaving my Pocket Infinity behind it was a sad sad day.

Bungie is doing something that people want and makes sense. I am immediately suspicious.

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Feel they kind of had to or what would be the point of the next 2 faction rallies, or even grinding for the EP weapons. The game would just stall for the next 3 months. I think the shotgun from Ep is going to be huge for gambit.