Bungie details Destiny 2's Season of the Hunt in new video

Bungie has debuted a new ViDoc overview of a slew of additional content that will soon be making its way to Destiny 2’s Season of the Hunt.

The developer also detailed its roadmap for the coming months in Destiny 2, including what players can look forward to with the fabled return of Uldren Sov, who apparently now goes by the moniker “The Crow” as he resurfaces as an amnesiac Guardian.

Season of the Hunt is a new season launching in tandem with Destiny 2: Beyond Light, and it will invite Guardians to stop Xivu Arath from summoning a massive army of Darkness. You’ll take the fight to the Fallen leader Eramis, a formidable foe with Stasis powers that look absolutely menacing.

There’s a meaty chunk of story that’s revealed in the ViDoc, but the biggest draw for many will be, of course, the additional game content in the form of Wrathborn Hunts. These, as well as other seasonal activities over the course of the new expansion, will remain after Season of the Hunt concludes and well into launch of The Witch Queen expansion in 2021.

There will be new Adept weapons up for grabs for the best Trials players when the competitive mode makes its Beyond Light debut on November 13, but there are a few other important dates to remember as well. Some of the more interesting Season of the Hunt festivities won’t be available until just after Beyond Light launches, starting November 17, to give players a chance to gear up for the tougher new content. The new Raid, Deep Stone Crypt, will drop at the end of that week, inviting players to attempt Beyond Light’s ultimate challenge from November 21st.

Bungie also teases a list of just some of the Exotics on their way to the game soon, for those interested in seeing what more they’ll be able to collect ahead of Season of the Hunt. While most are new names, fans will no doubt notice mentions of returning favourites such as Hawkmoon and No Time To Explain, but we’ll have to wait and see how they have been altered for their belated return.

Destiny 2 will be welcoming the new content as of November 10, when Beyond Light is released. The next gen update for the game was recently pushed back to December 8th, but will boost the shooter up to 4K60 and offer significant improvements to loading times and a new FOV slider.