Boycotting Euphrates Bridge

For now on I’m boycotting Euphrates Bridge completely. I don’t care if we have A spawn. That map is 100% unbalanced for the people that spawn at C and I’m just over it. I’m not playing that map at all. I just wanted to give a heads up for anyone in my parties (although I think we are all on the same page on this).

What sucks is I like the 10 v 10 game mode a lot. They just need to fix this map.

Just a quick question, is TDM ok on it? Domination is 100% boycotted regardless of spawn. Thoughts?


TDM is fine- DoM is meh

The map is fine for most types, people focus on the bridge but there is a lot more map to play, you just need to get the team to follow to the back sides

Dom is broken on that map. “A” enemies can snipe directly into the spawn, or drop kill streaks there. Also, “A” enemies can actually be in the spawn and it still doesn’t flip.

Finally, “C” team has no way to get to the bridge that isn’t in the open. And if they get on the bridge to cap B, A team can shoot them. The bus blocks you from doing the same at C.

I’m just not playing that map until they fix it. We had a few matches on it last night that were just brutal. And that’s even with 6 GRG attempting to cap and hold B.

Now if IW did the same thing for Bridge as they did for Piccadilly, then it wouldn’t be too bad of a map. Ya know, like moving B flag so both sides have a chance of getting it and here is a big twist, make it flip spawns the minute any person on the enemy team enters c from a. Its why Piccadilly went from “I loathe getting A” to “This isn’t too bad of a map.” for me. Fix the blasted spawns and maybe people won’t hate the map as much.

Still hate Palace map though.

What little Dom I’ve played on that map I completely agree. Sadly I’ve been on C side each time and just get destroyed.

Apparently, everyone hates one map or another, but Euphrates Bridge is shit in DOM, I don’t mind it in TDM - AS LONG AS THE TEAMMATES ARE SOMEWHAT COMPETENTLY PLAYING.

You just realized this? I played less than 5 games on that map and decided it was garbage…