Bots/Modded Controllers on Xbox ESO?

I’ve come across this a few times where people are AFK and spamming dolmens from a distance with ranged attacks. This is by far the worst I’ve seen. Not entirely sure how to report players to customer service through the console.

I’ve seen that before. I usually ignore them but yeah you could report them if you want. I use to report a lot of stuff in Pvp but so much goes on all the time I just give up.

I usually ignore it when it’s one person here and there. But this entire province had 5-6 at each dolmen. I am pretty annoyed about it

The real issue is why are you playing in First Person mode? Get that shit zoomed out in third person.

As for the hacks, they’ve been doing that for awhile now. Sit up high and auto attack over and over at a dolmen.

The only time I leave first person voluntarily is for sneaking and stealth murders. Always played first person for all Elder Scrolls games.