Borderlands playthrough....

With all the Borderlands hype going on…are any vault hunters going to be doing a play though, before BL3 release, starting with the first?

XBox or PC?

Been playing 2 to get back into it and now we have the new content so I’ll be switching to that.

Just bought handsome Jack collection for $9 on Xbox. I’ll load it up and play next week when I get home. Any vault hunters want to join, more than welcome.

@Lala_Calamari for me…I have the 1st one on the xb1 and the Handsome collection on PC. Prob gonna get the handsome collection on Xb1 as well and just play through on it.

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Vault hunters… Make sure to download the new DLC before 6 July as it will go away then


Oooh! I wanna play! I’m definitely interested in playing the new DLC. And I’m happy to pop in to help if someone else is doing a full playthrough.

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