Borderlands 3 - Legendaries Have / Want Thread

I’ve been farming the Troopers for the past several nights, so have a good number of class mods up for grabs. Half dozen Zane of mixed types, two Moze, then a Fl4k and Siren (phasezerker which is nice but I’ve got one already).

Up for grabs; lmk if there is anything specific within any given toon you’re specifically looking for.

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What moze mods? Blood letter?

No reports of a rain firestorm huh?

No it’s pretty fucking elusive

Overcast Kiloton Rocketeer w/ 10% Dahl damage, 15% Vladof fire rate and 23% COV fire rate
Thermoboric Gains Mind Sweeper w/ 31% pistol damage, 20% corrosive resist and 31% heavy weapon damage

Damn not useful for my build, needs to be a blood letter

You got mail. :slight_smile:


@BorderlandsPlayers anyone seen a reacuring hex grenade?

I’ve got a hex but I dont think it’s that one, they are world drops so it’s hard to get

Let’s dupe it later homie!


Anyone with some lower level toons? I’m just past being able to use my favorite pistol so far.

I think it’s a level 17.


New loot table doc to help everyone

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