Booty Hunting - Sea of Thieves 3/20

Sea of Thieves is out!


Ill be on throughout the day booty hunting! Ill keep an open party for whoever wants to join in.

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Pinning this topic for the night.

Let’s get a sign up going on who will be on tonight so we can squad up a bit easier.

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I will be off and on after 5pm. If some of the bugs I have read about effect me I will probably go play something else until they patch it.

I will be looking to sign on as a crew member for the good ship Potato Sack tonight.


Good times with @Rigonn @koldfront_kraig and @anon42851937 tonight. We found some skulls to cash in, had to defeat some sharks, then a kraken, then took on some pirates at the outpost who tried to steal our stuff. We of course being GRG were victorious.


That was a great time!


LoL…ok so i did the 14 day trial pass to play SoT. First time i loaded in, i was with a random on a small ship…guy was just sailing around. So i left and rejoined into a large ship full crew…that time it was definitely enjoyable. We looted and stole a ship. Once we figured out the maps we were off killing skeletons and cashing in.

We tried a trade mission which required us to goto an isle to get cages and then go find 2 specific types of chickens…where is @Gunny when u need him.

All in all…had some laughs, saw teamwork in a pug group…it was an enjoyable experience. Still unsure if i am going to purchase, but there is a possibility now.

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When sailing in to sell your loot, If anyone is on the docks, kill them.

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