Bluetooth Earbud Recommendations


I have a pair of the Beats wireless headphones and they work really well. And I know it seems like you pay for the name but that aren’t bad at all link below from Bestbuy if you haven’t already decided

Oh and with 20k plus reviews thats not a bad score 4.5


My dad uses Trekz Titanium daily. Works construction and makes all his calls on them. No one has complained about noise that I know of. I can hear him clearly when I talk to him. He had a different brand that he destroyed quickly and said they sucked compared to the Trekz.


Thanks! I guess I’ll order next week.


These were incredibly helpful. I ended up with the Beats that @pandavac had mentioned. Against my better judgement that Beats are just overpriced crap, the reviews were good, and the batter life was rated at 12 hours, which is awesome.


Yep, not a fan of Beats unless it’s the really high end headphones, and at that price you can still get better AKGs or Senns that sound better for the same cost. Beats fit into an urban market where bass is overpowered, which basically turns all music into a muddy mess, in my professional opinion. I would rather have something that is more flat and crisp sounding with the low end coming in an expected clip.