Blackout Tournament


So, now that they have custom games for Blackout, I was thinking of maybe having a small tourney. I’m going to go deep into the options and see the best way we can make it work, but I would like to know the interest that there would be. It would be on the XBone…would you be interested @codplayers

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I’m up for this. Is the whole map open? It might be boring for the first 10 minutes depending on the amount that want to play.


Yeah, I’m going to dig into it tonight and see what we can do.


Hell Yeah, count me in. I love tater on tater crime


Hell , I will sign up as well


I’m game. All of you can fear my one match of Blackout experience and tremble!


So, as of now it is the whole map, and there really is no customizing you can do - other than making the teams.

12 is the max players right now, so 12 solo, 4 teams of three or 3 teams of 4.

I was thinking solos with a point system and do a few rounds and tally the points, or even duos as a progressive tourney and score points the same way.

We could also predetermine the sectors that people have to land in to start each round, like round 1 everyone lands in C2 to E4, but we would have to make sure people did as they were told and don’t “drop short”.


I’m all in for this idea for sure


GRG can’t land where decided in a regular match. I can see this working fantastically. :smile: At least this gives them a larger target lol.


Oh, I know this all too well. And it would be a tough task to get people to do it for sure.

Just sucks that you can’t edit anything like circle speed or map areas.


That would be nice. Start with the 2nd circle.

Well, we should all be geared up if land anywhere.


I’m down. Haven’t played Blackout in a while, would be a fun way to jump back in.


I’m going to wait for this most recent update to be done and then set it up. I’m looking at either a Blackout Monday night, or possibly a Friday night. Should take about 2 hrs.

I’ll update this post soon.


I’m down, though likely more for Friday than Monday. Weekdays can be tough for me.


When is the next patch scheduled for release?
I’m itching to go Full Potato