Black Ops Cold War weapons available in Warzone on launch day

A ‘Message of the Day’ in Modern Warfare revealed that Black Ops Cold War weapons will be available in Warzone on day one.

Black Ops Cold War weapons being included in Warzone at launch is contradictory to information already given by Activision.

Integration between Warzone and Black Ops Cold War is set for December with the launch of Cold War’s first season. In a blog post, Call of Duty revealed the future of Warzone, Black Ops Cold War, and Modern Warfare.

The blog post said: “At the start of Season One expect every weapon from Modern Warfare and new weapons from Black Ops Cold War to be accessible in Warzone , including Blueprints and camo variants. Mix and level up weapons both in Warzone and the game the weapon originated from.”

A Message of the Day, however, revealed that you can “play Warzone with any weapons unlocked in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War” on November 13.

The wording “unlocked in … Black Ops Cold War” could mean that until full integration in December, weapons can only be used in Warzone if unlocked in Cold War itself. This would mean that players must own Cold War to have its weapons in their Warzone loadout.

The message also revealed that you can “mix and match weapons and equipment to create your ideal loadout.”

This clarifies Activision President Rob Kotich’s reveal that players will “be able to choose either their Black Ops loadout or their Modern Warfare loadout in Warzone for their gameplay.”

Many players took this to meant that in Warzone, you will have separate tabs for Modern Warfare and Cold War loadouts.

From the MOTD, it appears that you can use weapons from both games in one loadout. For example, you could have a Kilo 141 as your primary and an AK-74u as your secondary.

The MOTD message said full details will be available on the Call of Duty blog.

A large update (33Gb) for Modern Warfare has been available for pre-load on PS4 and is set to release tomorrow. It’s possible that this update is gearing Warzone for Cold War’s launch on Friday.

Cool was just wondering how it was going to work until December