Black ops 4 Multiplayer Tourney


Okay, so let’s go back to the good old days of COD and have ourselves a good old, bullshitting, Dick-Swinging (Vagina Flapping for the Females), alcohol fueled time.

We will see how many people are interested and then I will decide the format.

I’m planning this for February 22nd at 9pm EST


  • I am in for this
  • Nope, I’ll be busy

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The poll is closed now, but it doesn’t matter, we’ll still be doing it on the 22nd.


Throwing Axes and Pistols only?


Too bad they don’t have crossbows…I miss sticks and stones


Got game mode ready to try . It’s called Hide and Seek. Fun as hell to play


I’ve been a bit afk due to local stuff, but was about to throw up a post for a CoD tourney. count me in


Bumpity, bump, bump @codplayers


Poll is closed, but I’d be down


@beers_and_leafs - when is this happening?