Black Ops 3 changes based on beta feedback


sounds like the black hat is now useless, and the flash/stun nades are less useful…

on the other hand… 25pts for escorting robot for 3 seconds… YAY.

Flashbang and concussion did last too long, i agree with the blackhat and rejack nerf, both were ridiculous

of course they nerf 2 of the 3 guns i used :frowning:

Those were all the things peeps were complaining about so sounded like the developers listened to the people.

I don’t use blackhat so no impact, will still use concussion grenades.

I’m good with all the changes that have been made, glad they are listening

I’m just worried that all the bitching made them Nerf things too much, as what usually happens. are the tac nades and black hat now balanced, or have they been nerfed so much that nobody will use them…

we’ll see.

I just hope they show more than a 100 friends in the in game friends list. That part screams port from last gen.

Tough being so popular.