Black Desert Online - Xbox Open Beta



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Logged on last night. Don’t know anything about the game. Please invite me to the party at some point so I can be too afraid to ask noob questions


No worries. The game can be crazy involved. Will be on tonight.


Hopped off for the evening. Will be on tomorrow for a longer game session. Tried a warrior over a wizard. Felt a bit more fun. Need to remap the controls to feel a bit more fluid. Maybe use the paddles on the elite.


they are having another open beta before launch.



Black Desert Final Open Beta Available to Pre-Download Now

Developer PearlAbyss is giving players one last chance to try out the upcoming MMORPG Black Desert before its launch next month. An open beta is available to pre-download now, and it will run from February 14th to February 17th in North America and European regions. Players will be able to explore the first two areas of the game, Balenos and Serendia, with any of of the following classes: Berserker, Ranger, Sorceress, Warrior, Witch and Wizard. Choose wisely, as there will be a test for the Node War PvP system during this beta.

A few improvements have been made since the first beta, including the addition of trading, a more polished UI, and graphical upgrades. A wide variety of special events will also take place during this beta period.

You’ll be able to experience Black Desert in full when it launches on March 4th