Best Game Series


Regardless of platform, what is the best game series that you’ve played? From beginning to the latest version, what keeps you coming back? or if there hasn’t been one in awhile what do you wish would make a comeback.

Some say Halo, some say GTA or Assassin’s Creed, some even say Borderlands… Which is it for you?


One of my all time favorites is Zelda. Lot of groundbreaking for its time whether it’s the top down approach, insert the side scroller of Zelda 2, or even the ocarina of time, which was pretty amazing.


Divinity. You may have played Original Sin, but how about Divine Divinity or Beyond Divinity? Pretty much all of the games are great, except for the thoroughly meh Dragon Commander.


I was going to say Zelda. GTA would be next on my list.

If you go by my gaming time it’s obviously ARK.


Halo is my top. Loved all the games and really the universe that was built around it.


I’m going to throw the Elder Scrolls out there. Not including the MMO although I liked it just for different reasons.


Assassin’s Creed is probably my top. Have Creed logo tattooed on my wrist and have played/owned pretty much every one. Next would be Halo.


Zelda for the win.

But, if I have to pick a second one, it’s Assasins Creed.


I am going to need to think about this for a few days.
At the moment I am leaning Halo.


It’s a tie for me between Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest/Warrior games series. I love the crap out of these games and have but hundreds of hours into many of them. I loved the Dark Cloud series but sadly they only did 2 wish they had done more.


It wouldn’t be the choice of the masses but Bioshock by far for me. The story of Rapture was very engaging and while the second one lost some of the luster Infinite came back strong and tied the trilogy up in a fantastic way.


FF all…but I think that gaming had moved away from this type of storytelling FF XV will be the end :disappointed_relieved:


Borderlands and Mechwarrior… Nuff said!


I agree with you, @valiantvictory. I loved the series but slowed playing the latest ones as time has gotten in the way. I loved playing 1, 2, 7, 8, & X. I also think that the epic storytelling is dying. No one wants that anymore and is really focused on shoot em up games.


Indeed @Bigfish plus a lot of the newer generations don’t enjoy the turn based combat system even though FF had been trying to improve that system it still isn’t what younger people are looking for.