BEER. What's in your glass?


Don’t be scared of the dark beers @TexasReaperCrew. Most of them are delish! They don’t get a fair shake cause people are scared to try.I


I drink Damnation all the time. Fucking best beer ever. It really is that good.


Sound advice from the proprietor of the glory hole!


Tried this one tonight. Not so much. Can’t pinpoint the flavor, but it’s overwhelming and leaves an aftertaste I don’t care for. Like I said before, I’m just getting started in the craft beers.


On the rock with some Lime,


Ok I may catch hell, but I found some Not Your Father’s Root Beer last night and I did not like it much. Really wanted to like it’s just not for me.


@The Body Farmer: It really is for nostalgia purposes for me. 1 and done. I don’t need a six pack of it.

I was sort of forced into trying Smartmouth’s Murphy’s Law on draft. 32oz growler for 4 bucks, but the rest of the tops I had tied or had. Not my fav prob a 3.25 out 5.

My other pull was a draft of O’Connor’s Double IPA. They had just screwed on the tap when I was about to walk with Ephemere Apple, a fruity sour tart beer. I’m glad I waited, this beer was one of the best doubles I have tasted. The pick is of the color and consistency. I went back to get more the next day around 1 pm, and it was already gone.

I went to a beer release up in lickinghole cree, and these events are usually packed, with limited 500 bottle releases going in about 2 hours. While there were 2000 bottles produced, there was no one there. The reason…Tea Beer. A tripel ale flavored with tea.

I got a pint. At first, I really didn’t like the beer and was not going to buy a bottle. It either warmed up or the flavor was at the bottom of the glass per density, and I ended up buying one. I’m still on the fence with this beer. This brewery is usually spot on with its only real dog being their first pumpkin beer they ever did.

Next week is Maidens Adventure, and any one in the area, I will see you up there.

Today is a mixed six pack of beers I haven’t had, some local, and some I haven’t seen before.


This is my first Oktoberfest seasonal brew, and it is amazing. By the Duck and Rabbit Brewery, called Marzen.


I like their beer. They are from Duck, NC. I have been there a few times.

If you haven’t grab the milk stout. It isn’t bad.


I’m a pretty simple beer drinker…Usually Sam Adams, Mich Ultra when I’m on a low carb binge, or Corona when it’s really hot (which is, like, every day).


Since it was so fucking hot over the holiday weekend (well, hot for up North) I got the travelers which i never had before. Pretty lemoney but good summer beer. I like it.


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Trying something new tonight. Cant wait for some Shipyard Pumpkinhead to come to a liquor store near me.


A quick run down of what I tasted yesterday.

3 Notched Ghost-Very good IPA
Warlock Southern tier Pumpkin- very dark and tasty pumpkin, almost porter
The Kimmie the Yink and the holy Gose- Gose- Very tart and sour, no ones fav
Best Brown by Bells- Solid Brown nothing special-thinking Newcastle
Palo Santo-Dogfish- terrible to me from a bottle, okay in a glass
Midnight Rockville Red-had this before-much better taste out of this keg
Oktoberfest-Old Bust head-okay-spiced lager
Hottenroth-The Bruery-wheat beer, a lighter beer for the ladies
Agonic Line Lager-Red lager, cant even remember this-wasn’t the worst
Double Trouble from a growler-Founders-a pretty solid Double IPA, lighter than Ruinten from Stone.
From the other day I had On the Wings of Armageddon-DC Brau another decent Double IPA.

Rainy as shit today and I will be skipping the release up at LHCC. The beer will go into distribution and I will be waiting for their 4 beer release on Oct 3.


How was that?


So I have never been to this bar before, but the owner has stupid beer connections. Their one year anniversary had them put a stupid number of great beers on tap.

They actually had Firestone Walkers Helldorado on tap, which is insane. Very good, but very boozy.

Then I had Lagunitas High-Westified-a Rye Barrel aged Imperial Stout. One of the better tasting stouts, but a tad too boozy.

Then I got half glass of the Founders Backwoods Bastard-never seen it before, and it was a choice Bourbon Barrell Scotch Ale.

Other tastings were of Steigl Radler a 2.5% grapefruit Radler-very good for the ladies
Then two of the bars own Beers- Larceny-a nice citrusy IPA
and Mouth Hug, very similar to Laceny but a bit more character. I bought a Crowler. They make their own on site when you buy them. Pretty cool.


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Nice, did they have any other good beers on draft? Stickee Monkee? Parabola? Sucaba? I know most of these are out of season, but I know they hold back kegs for events.


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I’ve never had the agrestic or merkin. Their signature beers usually drop a month and a half after their debut here. So, October 13 is when we might see the Merkin.