BEER. What's in your glass?


It’s all over Virginia and NC. I think they have new beer that just came out as well.


Really different and neat beer. They only let me buy two. First time this beer has been released. If you like coffee, and light on the palate you’ll love this.


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Picked these up this weekend. Bourbon anyone?


Nice. I like me some bourbon…sigh…but I’m allergic.


I won’t be playing online tonight, I have my first night of my fantasy football league, but I will be drinking this. By far the best beer made by Shiner.


Better than Shiner bock??? Blasphemy


Allergic to bourbon? That’s Ghey @Rau!


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I’m trying to expand my palette, so I’m starting with building my own 6 packs, and going from there. As you can see, I’ve taken a liking to Oktoberfest brews.


Forget the one on the left almost everyone has at least tried it.

The Dragon’s Milk is interesting. Aged in bourbon barrels. 11% ABV. Taste almost like a cigar up front then you get a medium bourbon flavor, and it finishes with a vanilla flavor that doesn’t last long.

Is it good? That depends on if you like cigars and bourbon. It isn’t something I could drink over and over, but I did enjoy sipping on the one I had. I also enjoyed it more as it began to warm up.


Cigars and bourbon are 2 of my favorite things. I will have to track down a bottle.



A bit on the bitter side for me but you definately get pumpkin, vanilla, and essense of rum


I don’t know why I didn’t post this earlier, but someone said something about sipping out of the bottle and I had to be that “beer guy.”

I know most of you know this, but beers will taste completely different depending on what kind of glass you put it in.

For a lot of the more complex beers you want to be using this

I know, I know, but it does make a difference. I wouldn’t pay this much for them. I get mine like 4-5 bucks at my local beer place.


Here’s what’s been going on in my kitchen

This has a little bit of everything in it. Not my favorite, but definitely unique. Split it with a bud.

This has been a solid performer for higher ABV IPA

I also got a 32oz of the grapefruit sculpin.

People liked it, but were more a fan of the regular version. They also make a few other crazy varieties, one with habanero. (not my fav)

I got a hold of a bottle of zoe from main beer co., and usually their beers are pretty solid, I just wasn’t a fav of this one.

I think it was too malty

Next week I’ve got the main beer co. Peeper and Barrel House’s Blue Reserve, and possibly the woot stout.


@Rau great pick ups. I agree with your assessment on the grapefruit sculpin, and especially the habanero… I found it to be far too overpowering. Oh and excellent glassware choices :wink:


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I tried this last night. These dark beers scare me, but it’s one of the better craft beers I’ve tried. Would buy a 6.


I’m all over the Oktoberfest beers.

Right now I have some Paulaner Oktoberfest-Märzen. I love this beer. Just damn good!

Also just picked up a case of Flying Fish Oktoberfish. This is a local brewery, about 40 minutes away. Love their stuff.


Lala, find some beer in your area from Russian river brewing. Report back.