BEER. What's in your glass?


Don’t mean to be posting so many beers to this forum in just a few days, but I really wanted to recommend Ommegang’s Fleur De Houblon. 5/5 best summer ale I have ever had. 6.8% ABV and surprisingly light citrus flavor. Only tried it in the bottle.


The only new beer that I have had recently is this IPA. Pretty darn tasty…


@Lala_Calamari apparently this is good, wifey recommends it


Had one of these last night…

I won’t lie. The can sold me. It has good ratings on Beer Advocate, but it isn’t my favorite. When I cracked the can I got excited. The smell is awesome. Very hoppy up front and then nothing. The bitter just lingers for ever. If I would have drank more last night it would not have been another one of these. Not many IPA I don’t like.

Glad I got a mixed 6 pack. It could be the can I guess. There is only one beer I like in a can and that is Old Chub Scotch Ale. If you like ESB beers you will like this IPA.


Those are pretty good, try the lower IBU one, I think it’s in the 40s. Still hoppy, but not as overwhelming.


I had this the other day and it was pretty good.

I also had the Goose Island Matilda, it was good, but skip it and go straight to the Sophie.

Had Dirtwolf on draft and it was killer.


Today was my last day of finals for the semester so my glass is going to either have this or this with no more than 2 cubes of ice until I pass out in my chair.


Both are excellent.


Had this last night on draft

I’m not sure I would call this a brown, its more of a black rye.
12% ABV

I would say it’s a 4 out of 5.


That Dirty Little Freak looks interesting. unfortunately i would have to drive 200 miles away to the nearest store that sells it. hopefully gets to this area


Dirty Little Freak Coconut Caramel Chocolate Brown Ale, first brewed in 2014, takes the traditional American Brown Ale and gives it a sensual new twist – Coconut! This medium-bodied, 5.8% abv brown ale is a feast for the senses from its dominant blend of warm, roasted malt, coconut, caramel, and chocolate flavors barely restrained by a gentle hop bite, to its tantalizingly satisfying finish. But if you submit to our Dirty Little Freak, be warned: there is no safe word.

I know that the coconut will scare some people off but you don’t really taste coconut at all. It nice and chocolaty and has a really nice hop bite for a brown ale.


I had this gem which is ungettable at the moment. A pizza pub is doing a craft beer month and they had a keg of this stashed. Not as good as the Supreme Leader, but sill nice. It appeared to be missing some of the head it was notable for.

I also got a growler of this from Kroger of all places. No one has it, and it’s listed as a retired beer.

FYI, if you are on the East Coast, HELLDORADO from Firestone walker should be in stores tomorrow, around 1pm.



That’s one of the beers I have been looking for. Stupid Prairie Artisan and Russian River Distributers.

I did pick up today…



The fall beers are coming out now. I grabbed a case of Harpoon Octoberfest Beer in cans. While I like most of Harpoon’s beers and love Octoberfest beers, I’m not in love with this one at all. I’m pretty disappointed. I’ll just get an actual German one next time to make up for it.


Lala, do you have access to any Russian River brewing?

Pliny the Elder is a chase beer.


i really miss yuengling… I grew up about 40 minutes from the brewery (oldest surviving brewery in america by the way)

every bar you go to in the pottsville / philly area, if you asked for a lager, you got a yuengling

they dont have it in colorado : ( at least i cant find it…

that was my go to beer my whole life till i moved out here

i miss it dearly

also when i was in the cech republic in 2011, i had the best lager i had ever had in my life at this monastery

here is the link to it, it was unbelievable…


Not anywhere in Indiana either… I’ve tried


My family is from near Scranton, PA. This is the only beer I drink when I visit. I fucking love it. Obviously not available near Texas.


Nice, I grew up in Lancaster county, Amish country lol