BEER. What's in your glass?


SBJ is one of my go to beers. I like porter and stouts. Like you I too was surprised the first time I had it.


Can’t get 120 minute up here. I got a bottle and aged it 12 months in my fridge. Good stuff. My buddy created a brewery with his partner Great North Ale Works. Their IPA is pretty fantastic


Central City Cedar Plank Pale Ale. Probably the best tasting beer I’ve had in years. 5.0% with an IBU of 39


I tried the Shock Top Pretzel on a whim…and I really liked it. It tasted like a salted pretzel all the way to the end.

And finally got to try the Founders Breakfast Stout…fucking delicious.

I am now in hot pursuit of DuClaws “For Pete’s Sake”…an Imperial version of Sweet Baby Jesus.


Oktoberfest beers are out and one of my favorite style of beers. I have a few I’m working on.

Right now I’m finishing out some of this.

Abita Octoberfest (Märzen-Style) Lager | Abita Brewing Co.
. This is a really good Octoberfest beer, I highly recommend it if you can find it. It’s a very easy drinking beer.


Also finishing some Penn Brewery Oktoberfest. This is a pretty solid Oktoberfest beer and it’s also pretty cheap. It’s much cheaper than most other craft brewers. I’ll be sure to get it again.



I don’t know where you are located, but in Richmond, VA, there is a great beer bar that has for Pete’s Sake on draft and growlers to go.


Damn, that place has a great beer menu.

And I’m in NE PA,so that’s only like a 6 hour trip too!


I’m no expert on this…but I grabbed a couple of these today, and they were pretty damn good. Really mellow for 6.6%

Thanks for the recommendation.


That’s pretty strong for an Oktoberfest.


Got half a case of Festbier from Victory. Not in love with this one anymore. Doubt I’ll get it again.

Festbier | Victory Brewing Company - Downingtown


This thread needs some loving.


Oaktoberfest | Firestone Walker Brewing Co.

Inspired by our home town of Paso Robles (Pass of the Oaks). A proper German Märzen bier. Traditional imported malts offer subtle honey-like aromas with hints of Noble hop spice. The stars of this brew are the imported Pilsner and Vienna malts that offer malty sweetness that carry through to the end. German Hallertau hops add rich Noble hop character to balance this exceptional Marzen. True to Oktoberfest custom, this beer only makes its debut in September and October to celebrate the age-old German tradition.

I just picked this beer up today, trying the last remaining Oktoberfests in my area. I’m excited to try this one as Firestone Walker Brewing Company make some fine beers.


Deschutes Brewery Pinedrops IPA


Finally, a decent beer you like Lala.


Great Lakes | Eliot Ness Amber Lager

Admittedly, it’s a bit of a paradox to name our Amber Lager for history’s most famous agent of prohibition. But it’s a smooth, malty (and dare we say, arresting?) paradox.

Almost untouchably smooth–armed with lightly toasted malts and noble hops.

Really enjoyed this beer but that’s not surprising as Great Lakes makes some fine beers. Will pick it up again.


4 coffee 7 barley 14 regular.


Here’s a Lala recommandation for those looking for something a little special to drink for Christmas. I highly suggest grabbing a 4 pack of this (about $20 bucks) or if you can find a 750ml bottle. It is worth the price of admission. I bought some last year and it helped me deal with my family on Christmas Eve. It’s not only a heavy hitter but it tastes fantastic. I just picked up a 4 pack last night.

Delirium Noël

Brewed by: Brouwerij Huyghe
Style: Belgian Strong Dark Ale


I can vouch for that. It is really good and makes you feel great. Take your time and enjoy it.


They didn’t have Noel at the store. Got the next best thing.