BEER. What's in your glass?


Those are 12oz bottles? steep!


Pulled down a 4 pk of KBS just now.


pineappple sculpin sounds amazing.


Its okay. I like their grapefruit better.

It just depends on what you like.

Just had a tasting of Pernial 17, and waaaaay tooooo minty.


Hit the Bruery over the weekend with a member of the hoarder society, enjoyed a few pours of 2012 Black Tuesday, was fantastic.


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Sounds like a good time Chili.

Just dragged in some Lickinghole Great Commander, Stone Drink by 4.20 (really good), Brother’s daylight cravings, and Allagash Black.

The wife is going to Philadelphia this weekend, I’m sending her on a mission for Russian River anything.


Managed to bite, kick, scratch and crawl to get 2 bottles of Parabola.

Had the new Lagunitas Waldos special ale. Very sweet and malty.


Picked up this at a local Micro Brew. Can’t wait to crack it open.


The cold snap is pretty good. Though my favorite Sam Adams is Oktoberfest


Nice Lala, do they distribute down near me in VA?


Free Will most likely does not. The place is tiny.


Lala - I need one of those. You’re gonna hate it anyway. Just send it to me.


[Flying Fish Daylights Savings IPA](http://Daylight Savings IPA | Flying Fish Brewing Company). A local larger micro brewery located in Cherry Hill NJ. I’m not a big fan of it. It’s a lighter beer but overloaded with hops. I’m just not into the overly hoppy beers especially “summer seasonals”.

They also make fishing lures. lol.


Just bought Yeungling Summer Wheat. Will be trying it shortly.


Not sure if we have anyone out there that uses the Untappd app on their phones. Let me know as I was thinking of making a GRG group for us.


I love that app!


Yeah and we apparently broke up on it as I didn’t see you. Strike that, I see you.


Are you arguing with yourself?

I’ll have some entries on that bad boy tonight we are hitting some breweries. After a day at the gun range, I’m a happy boy.


I always forget i have that app on my phone.