BEER. What's in your glass?


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Finally got to try a ton of Colorado beers. I managed to get a local Liquor stores collaboration with Bonfire Brewing. It was a Brown Sour. I will say different, and drinkable.

Had beers during my vacation.

Pliny the Elder: I think I had my hopes to high for this. It was a decent IPA, I have had better.
Avery White Rascal. If you like blue moon with some spice, this is for you. Not hoppy at all.
Deschitz Brown ale. Had to try just to say I had the Brown Shitz. Marginal Brown.
Bonfire Double Brown. Probably their best beer.
Bonfire Blonde? Budweiser
Wiked Weed’s Serenity, very light and bland, no character, real soft Belgium feel.
Wiked Weeds Perniscious: Great fucking Beer, BUY IT
Wiked Weeds Honeysuckle Sour, Not as good as some of their other sours
Prairie Artisan 3rd Anniversary: Very cloudy sour. Decent
Prairie Artisan Xmas Bomb: Meh. Drink the regular Bomb.
NoDa’s Hop Drop and Roll: If you like IPA’s, grab this or Pernicious over Pliney.
Black Butte different and dark
Triple C’s Bourbon Barrel Breakfast Stout. Damn good beer, close to Bourbon Count or Dark Hollow.
Maharaja: Boozy, sweet IPA
Deshitz ChainBreaker, okay IPA
Apocalypse 10 from some CO brewery, okay IPA
A double black IPA, cant remember from which CO brewery, prob bonfire. Not bad.
There were some other beers, and wines, but I cant remember.

My Liver hates me


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2015 KBS, was great. Followed up with a Pineapple Sculpin, not bad.


Figured I would put this up for my American clan mates. Anyone who enjoys a unfiltered hoppy beer would love this. They also have another called headstock which i have had friends say it tastes like you are chewing on pine cones. But dam good beer…


I actually like chewing on pine cones


Recent hads:

Perenial Sump: Really good, can’t do more than 1 though.
Hardywood Bourbon Sidamo, Coffee Stout, Bourbon Coffee Stout, Raspberry Stout
Lickinghole Creek Coffee Obsession, Chai Vanilla Black Bear
Boulevard Coconut something
Dino Smores: really tasty
Aleworks: Café Royal and Bitter Valentine, Really good
Champion Fruit Basket. Really Good
Bells Hopslam: Best IPA ever
Devil’s Backbone: Cocoa Bear (Good), Kabong (Boozy Ass), Gin and Chronic (average)
Strangeways: Ape aged something: their best beer they make
Sexual Chocolate: Very thin


Best EVAR? Damn… they just had this at my local store and I didn’t pick it up. I thought, “oh, look, another IPA.” I guess I’m just not the beer nird that I used to be.


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This is what I want.


I’m excited to try the Depth Charge.



Stone’s new brewery just had its soft opening right next to my office. Hoping to get some of their upcoming varietals there.


I’m jealous. I here they have really good food to.

Just happen to pick this up tonight. Asked for imperial reds.


Ground State… Delicious


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Stupid KBS shortage. It was sold out in 4 minutes.

Total wine is sending emails to their top 20 customers per store to reserve their KBS, any uppity wine drinkers that don’t want it, ends up dumping it in the dirty commoner pool to fight over.


Went out with the fiance for some wine tasting in temecula. After a full day of tasting mediocre wines I was able to convince my fiance to visit a new Ballast Point tasting room that recently opened up in the area… I was pretty lucky that they just happened to have some left over bottles of Victory at Sea, Bourbon Aged available for purchase.


Very nice!!


Oh yeah. I found a bottle of that barrel aged bomb. $26 for one small bottle. Couldn’t pull the trigger.