BEER. What's in your glass?


Winter Warmer - Lancaster Brewing Company

This is pretty solid. I picked up half a case and really like it.


I had some Bell’s Winter White Ale from Bell’s Brewery last night in between Rum and ginger Ales. Very solid Winter ale.


That is one of my all time faves, they are about to start canning it in nitro this year and I cannot wait.

We have had our tailgates sponsored by a local place, 38 state brewing company, and I picked up a growler of this last night…so good


Looks like founders is finally being distributed in California, look forward to finding some KBS.


Okay, I need you to go back and get me a Parabola and a Velvet Merkin. Their distribution here is very sporadic on their release dates.


lol I have spotted them a few times at my local bottle shop, unfortunately they put a limit of 1 per person. Next time I see anything I will give you a heads up.


Founders has a really good stout. It’s called the breakfast stout, I can only handle drinking 1, that’s how heavy it is.


I am working though half a case of Double Chocolate Milk Stout by Lancaster Brewing Company. Stouts aren’t my gig. They’re not bad but not a style of beer that I can throw a few down with. This is very chocolaty and that’s throwing me off as well. I’m sure it’s a good stout if that’s what you’re into.


Stouts are completely different beast. That one looks like it would be good with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in it!


That oatmeal breakfast stout from founders is the TITS!


Guy in front me got the last 2 KBS -_-


I got one bottle of backwoods bastard as a gift from the guy at the liquor store. Still Havn’t touched it. Damn limited run. He sold out in 2 hours.
Side note… Try the crimudgeon


I’ve had the Backwoods Bastard. It’s good, but it’s a big beer.

Project Pam is also really good. Definitely unique, a bit expensive, but worth a try if you haven’t had it.


Havn’t seen project Pam… Is it limited?


Don’t know too much about the Project Pam, just decided to grab it a long with the others.

Tonight’s beer is pretty damn good.


If you get founders, it should come to you if your store gets their bomber bottles. It runs about $16-17 bottle. It came out about a month ago, so their availability should be winding down depending on the demand in your area.


Pardon my sloppy pour


Sierra Nevada has a tropical IPA out now, not sure if it’s this one since the tap was makeshift. Smelled like straight weed.


Getting ready to watch cards and panthers


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