BEER. What's in your glass?


The Birch Bar had their annual 43 hours of sour. I was only able to go Tuesday for about an hour.
The Zure Von Tildonk was just ok.
The Wild Beer Sour Blend was just ok.
The Oude Tart was amazing.
The Wild Beer Bliss was pretty good.
The Against The Grain was good… not sour enough for me.
But… The Bon Chien Grand Cru was mind blowing. It smelled like something you’d never want to drink. Old sweaty gym socks and horse blanket. And it tasted like shock tarts. SO FUCKING GOOD.


Shock Tarts are awesome… I will have to try and track that down.


Busch Gardens had their Beirfest last weekend, and it was pretty good. They had about 90 different beers, all variety, including a pretzel beer from shock top that was “interesting” just to smell it. $20.00 for 10 3oz pours.

They had 4 cask beers that were pretty good, though the Legend cask ale that I wanted to try was out the week before.

It was a good time.


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^ agree with above post.

Recently, had
3notch’d No Veto Brown ale, nice flavor, but a bit too nutty for me.
Ardent Red Ale, pretty blah
Ardent’s Double IPA, right on the money, not sharing with anyone
Lickinghole Creek’s Maiden’s Adventure, a lightly flavored belg that I really didn’t expect, great beer while waiting for a to go order.
Some large can of cider my wife wanted, that I cant remember the name, it was nasty shit.


While I was at the beach this weekend, the store down there called Trio, had Bomb, prairie artisan ales on draft, and it was worth the $11 for a draft. I also managed to score the last bottle of Bomb from them as well.

I had Founders: Redankulous and it was pretty tasty as well.

We were smoking a brisket, and it required 1 Texas beer, so my dad buys a six pack of modelo. He thinks Texas is Mexican now. One of the pissiest beers ever, reminded me of Milwaukee’s Beast.


I drank a Wicked Weed sour that I picked up at the beach. Perhaps the best sour I have ever had. Definitely worth the $25.

I also had Nebuchadnezzar from Omnipollo – Double IPA
It was good, but not sure about the $20 for a 32oz growler.

Bells Beach from O’Connor was pretty one note.


Went to the local brewpub and had the pops up this weekend with his stash.

Hardywood Bourbon Sidomo- Very good
Hardywood Quadrahop- One of the best DIPAs I have had. Next to impossible to obtain.
2014 Founders breakfast stout. It was okay, not worth the great rating.
2015 Founders breakfast stout. Same old.
Firestone Walker Velvet Merlin: Nice, smooth, better than the FBS, most likely due to the oatmeal.
Ballast Point Sexatant Nitro, very nice, smooth, light head.
Aleworks Jubilee-nice, no head, more of a liquor, will not repeat.
Maine Beer Co. Red Wheel Barrow: It was okay, not my fav brownish type. Will pass.
Goose Island: The Muddy-it was drinkable but not my style. Only 1.
Bluefrog Brewery-Sacre Bleu- Nice tart ale, more of a girl drink
Ballast Point Wahoo White with Thai Chili, Lime and Ginger- I tasted this, and everyone should. Very neat beer. Front loaded with Ginger and finishes with the Chili.
Allagash Confluence- Fabulous beer. Expensive, but good.
Founders Black Penance: Tried this, but not a fan.
Tonnellerie Rue* The Bruery Terreux - CA - Belgium Saison that was okay.


If you happened to be some of the lucky few, yesterday…
Bourbon County’s Beer release yesterday was definitely worth it. The Coffee Stout being one of the best beers I have ever had. Scored 8 regular stouts and 5 barleywine yesterday. Both of those are awesome as well.

I know some people aren’t fans of dark beers, but these beers will change your mind.


Unfortunately was out of town when my local shop released it. Enjoy! great beers


Just got 2 glasses from our famous local beer bar.

Had Abraxas Coffee and Vanilla Stouts on draft.

Great beers, 30 ppl in line for them. A good representation of a non-bitter stout. Very hot, and alcohol taste, but smooth like butter.


Today’s pickups


OMG, Pliny Elder!

What’s the Firestone? Barrel aged?


The Firestone anniversary 19 is really good. Where did you pick up the Pliny? Is that a regular pick up for you, or something special?


@Lala The firestone is their anniverseray ale that is a blend of 200+ oak barrels and 4 different beers, real tasty stuff.

The Firestone anniversary 19 is really good. Where did you pick up the Pliny? Is that a regular pick up for you, or something special? -Rau

I actually picked it up at Total Wine, I went to the back and they had 2 cases sitting on the floor (2 bottle per person limit). My buddy popped by a few hours later and it was gone. Pliny is still pretty rare to find in shops around here but can be found pretty easily if you do some homework, and not too difficult to find on tap with taphunter.


Unfortunately, they don’t distribute down here. If you ever get an extra bottle, let me know. :slight_smile:


So I had the Pliny last night, it was good, but nothing worth chasing in my opinion. I actually prefer the IPA’s that come from my local brewery, bottle logic. If you would like to see about doing a beer trade some time let me know. I am very close to a number of breweries (Bottle Logic, The Bruery, Bootleggers, Nobile Aleworks)

Actually stopped by bottle logic last night for Star Wars night. Please note the Tuttle/Princess Leia look alike in the background of the last pic.


BBC Steel Rail Extra Pale Ale