BBQ Sauce

I’d love some more. The hotter version this time, please.

I’ll take some. I’ve been out for a while. Would love another batch.

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He will thank you months later.

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By chance do you have anymore of the BBQ sauce?

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I am getting ready to make another batch! I’ll keep you posted when it is ready to ship!


I am down to less than a 1/3 of a bottle. Perfect timing.

Sorry guys I got distracted and didn’t get to make my sauce over the long weekend, so I’ll try to get it out to you all by Superbowl.

No rush man. You do it when you got time.

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How did you make it last that long? You are not human.

Wasn’t easy. I never cooked with it. Only used it for dipping.

Okay, got through the move and am finally getting unpacked. We’re having an Open House the weekend of Cinco De Mayo and which means it’s time for me to make some sauce to give away to the locals. (i.e. those of you who are addicted can “persuade” me to make extra and mail you some)

If you cover shipping I’ll mail you out some. $8 for the Tyvek Envelope or $16 for the small USPS box.


Got a paypal?

Paypal or check? I am in.

I’d like to get in on a batch after missing out and hearing all the bbq junkies rave about it!

PayPal/venmo -

@SoInZane - PM your mailing address

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Payment sent. Thank you.

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Received @h2daddy and @SoInZane
Should go out first thing Monday


@Grex - you on the list now Fam!

Sauce is made and flavors are resting for two days. Should ho out Monday morning.

@Bigfish - how is your stash holding up?


I’m good for right now. We horde but we also haven’t been eating any q’esque food lately. We will start now that the weather is turning.

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Did you ever find anything to use the sauce on @Claude505?