BBQ Sauce




@Lala_Calamari I expect you and @JohnnyHustler to have a review of the BBQ by the next Podcast. If Jammer sends me his damn address the 3 of you could actually do a whole segment on it.

@Bigfish how did the ribs turn out with the sauce?

Did anyone else use the sauce over the holiday weekend? I guess the bigger question is how many of you have sauce left?


Ribs don’t go on til tomorrow.

I “cheat” when I make them as I don’t have time to smoke them. I rub them down with a homemade concoction the night before and wrap them in plastic. Put them in the oven for a couple hours at 200 til they are tender. Then throw them on the grill and add sauce so it caramelizes and gets a nice char. Turns out pretty great and I can cook it early and throw on the grill later so it’s not timing dependant.


I’ve been waiting for something worthy of your effort to use any of it. Will report back when I do.


I have no sauce left. Kids loved it as well, so I had to share.

I have it on the agenda for the next show.


I made a BBQ chicken pizza last night using the “milder” sauce as the base sauce. Was delicious.


@rabb and @sjam613 both should have had their bottles arrive this weekend.
I’ll be making a new batch with the Holidays coming.

@D1G1TALC1PHERS and @h2daddy are already on the list for more.


Received mine Friday when I was on my way out the door for the weekend. Will be trying it in the next day or so and will mention it on the cast and not the typical 10 week waiting list of Johnny’s.


That sounds so good!


I’d love to try the hotter variety this time


@Bigfish - are you hording it?


I do horde it. Hard to blow thru stuff that is good! We eat it on occasion, but not as much as others.


We blew through our bottle pretty quick. Wife was worried it would not keep.


Yeah I’m not worried that it won’t keep as long as it’s in the fridge. I check when I have it to make sure it’s still good.


Johnny Who?


New year, time for another batch of BBQ sauce. I’ll be preparing it over the long holiday weekend and figured I’d see if anyone else needs a refill?


Still have a 1/3 of a bottle so perfect timing sir.



Don’t need more yet but did have some tonight with meatloaf. My oldest daughter had some and liked it though was making the face as the peppers hit her.


Sign me up. I was out a week after the last batch. That stuff is gooood.