BBQ Sauce


There ya go… Ritz crackers by themselves is the proof source!


Sadly, mine is gone. Keep me in mind in any future batches. Will pay.


Did the whole family partake? Wow. That was quick.

It may be October before I make another batch, but I will keep you in mind!


my wife was concerned about the bottle of bbq sauce arriving in a coke bottle yesterday. but its tasty. a little hot by itself for me but excited to get some ribs or pulled pork to put it on. going camping this weekend so it may make an appearance there too.

Thanks again


Fantastic! Glad it arrived safely.
I’ve been through trial and error on what ships best. Broken Mason jars, $25 shipping fees and a nasty-gram from the postal inspector have led me to use re-purposed water bottles and coke bottles. The flat rate boxes don’t have an intermediary size where a single jar fits well. Double bagging and the extra plastic at the tops seem to work. The only problem I’ve had since this switch was an envelope that was crushed by a 40 pound box.


That being said, my bottle arrived well sealed and no leaks. Seems to be working, your packaging idea. I agree with these guys, I could sell a few bottles to coworkers and friends if you ever find yourself wanting to monetize a bit


Between you, @D1G1TALC1PHERS and @Lala_Calamari I might make a bigger batch the next time around.

Fish is a hermit, so I know he will be hoarding his stash of sauce.


Just tried some on chicken tonight. Outstanding! Even Mrs Hustler liked it.



I can’t wait to hear the next podcast where you provide an unsolicited review with LaLa and put my demand through the roof!!


I am going to bash it.


Just to oppose @Lala_Calamari, I would expect nothing less.


Perfect… Momma’s making pulled pork tomorrow night so I’ll be slathering it in my sauce!


Grilled ham tonight. Will be having some sauce on that for sure.

BTW @shortbus, I didn’t get the review in the other night, so I’ll make sure that’s on the next show.


I think I am going to do some ribs, chicken, & grilled corn. Brush some sauce on the corn right before it’s done so it will caramelize then hit it with some blue cheese compound butter. Gotta figure out the best way to do all that and still save some sauce.


Tried to upload photo but too big… Sauce was great on my pulled pork sammies. Not to much heat and the big thing I noticed was the smoke vs what I normally use. Well done!


Glad you enjoyed it @Gunny! @JohnnyHustler, @D1G1TALC1PHERS and @TEXENT how did the food come out with the sauce?


I haven’t listened to the new Podcast, did @JohnnyHustler plug my BBQ or is it like his claims of gaming on the XBOX?


of course not!!! Selfish bastard fucked up again!!! go figure!!!


SHIT! Sorry…need to put that in next time!