BBQ Sauce


Finally got my package after some finesse work by the bus, and I agree with these guys. Very good stuff. Sweet at first, then a nice heat afterwards. Look forward to a meal worthy of using it, I’ve only had a sample so far.


I can’t wait to slather it on some leftover dino nuggets.


It went great with Raising Cane’s strips last night


Waiting for birthday steak fingers Saturday night!


Oh in honor of Disney’s birthday?


God I should send some to that guy just to hope he streams the reaction.


Pussy couldn’t handle it with a case of diet Pepsi!


Disney does not do condiments.

He once told me all condiments are yucky except cheese.


I bet he actually said yucky too!


Yes, he did.


Next batch going out in the mail tomorrow. Be on the lookout @Grex @Claude505 @Wahooie @D1G1TALC1PHERS for Saturday Delivery via USPS Priority 2nd Day.


Sweet. Thanks


Caught my son using it last night. Had to exain to him that he is not allowed to use my special sauce. Little shit.


@shortbus can I talk to you about merchandising?


Jesus, I’m sorry @Wahooie the thriving metropolis of Medina gets Monday delivery, so I apologize for leading you on. Everyone else is expected Saturday by 3pm.



Get all “Huggy Buggy”!! LOL.


I finally had some of this a few days ago. I tried it when I got it, but I had only had a little bit on some bread.

Very good stuff, @shortbus! The spicier one is my favorite by far and it’s not even that spicy (for all you wusses) they both have a good sweet smoky flavor with the spicier giving a little more kick in the end. I had gotten chicken katsu the other night and went with the BBQ instead of katsu sauce. Total win!


Yes I agree. Got the sauce over the weekend and just gave it a taste. Really like it. Plan to marinate some chicken with it and grill it up. Thanks again for sending some.


Seriously @shortbus I will buy the bottles and make the labels. How much can you make a week? 1 or 2 million gallons? We might have to hire some people.

Funny story…
I had this shipped to work. There was 6 people in the office when I opened the package. I tasted it and hear “What ya got there?”. Then they read the label “6 habaneros & 2 Ghost Peppers” and you get “Oh fuck that”. Once they tasted it was over. They all wanted more and I took it to the truck. LOL.

It is just the right amount of sweet, smoke, and heat. I have had it on crackers, french fries, a and burger so far and loving it. I really can’t wait to cook on the grill with it. Thanks man.