BBQ Sauce



Awesome Fish, glad to know it arrived safely. Hopefully you and the wife don’t have to fight over it and can enjoy it on some of those great “photo quality” dinners you prepare.


I knew I should have cut it with Elmer’s glue, then it would have been right up LaLa and Gunny’s alley.


Only if its Elmers WOOD glue!!!


Just got home. Mine’s here! WOOT. Can’t wait… Thanx Chuck!


Lol! what scares me is the mild is 6 habaneros and 2 ghosts!


It is really “Less Hot” and “MOAR Hot”, but yes think about those peppers spread out over 2 gallons of sauce.


Just got in late and my sauce was waiting on me in the mailbox. I don’t mind a little heat but the older I get, the less I can handle. I will first say that I love it. Now I didn’t cook ribs or do anything fancy with it. It’s after 11 and I grabbed some chicken tenders on the way home from Sonic. I poured some out on a plate and dipped away. When you first taste it, I thought it came across as sweet. My wife walked by and asked wth I was doing. I told her to taste it. She immediately said that is hot. She can’t handle any heat. I kept dipping away. Gradually I could feel the heat but it wasn’t a bad heat. It was the kind I enjoy. Little bite but not too much. Perfect. Any time you make a batch, let me know. I love it.


Awesome man, glad you like it. I am not a fan of hot just for being hot… I like flavorful, complex heat. Nothing wrong with Chicken Tenders from Sonic. I really like the newer Chicken Selects from McDonald’s.


Had some more tonight. Yummy. For some reason, it didn’t seem as hot today.


he can also hand deliver handies


Is that the longest H2 review EVAR?


I think that’s longer than all of his other reviews combined.


Got the sauce in today. Thank you @shortbus it is excellent. I got the pussy mild version and we’re loving it. Starts off sweet and brings a nice heat. My youngest raving over it.

Very good shit, you need to market it.


Thanks! I’m glad you guys like it, I was worried with all of your pussified crying about Habaneros and Mean Nasty Ghost peppers that you wouldn’t enjoy it.

I’ve had two “food” guys here in town tell me I should take it to a local Farmer’s Market and see how it does.


I’ve had this happen a few times too. I always try to shake the bottle up each time I go to use it or pour some out. I’ve found that the hotter stuff settles towards to the bottom and it can sneak up on you.


No, it’s not hot at all. The ingredients scared me a bit (6 habeneros and 2 ghost peppers) but it’s not hot. It just has a bit of heat afterwards. And I’m a sissy with hot foods. It’s really good.

You should try selling it. A “friend of a friend” did that with buffalo sauce and now sells it around at local beer stores. It’s great buffalo sauce and the only kind we buy.


Yeah… Had some tonight. So sweet at the front which I prefer. Lil heat at the end. So we’ll done Chuck!


Mrs Calamari is also a fan. She tried some earlier liked it then used it for dinner. She was dipping her pork chops in it.


Do you still have any left @shortbus? I would like to try it as well.


For you Sexy @Grex, there is always extra!
Yeah, PM your address