BBQ Sauce


Wonderful news. Thanks man


Awesome. Ty bro!


Can’t wait!




I would love some but I replied on the first batch back in October. Says you sent me some of this batch but I don’t remember sending you an address. Be glad to send some money to cover expenses also.


H2 - I used the original address you gave me for the first batch.


I hope you all enjoy the sauce, except you @Lala_Calamari I hope you suffer and end up on the shitter all day :laughing: .

I appreciate the offers to cover my costs or shipping, but as I’ve done in the past… If you like the sauce please consider donating to Extra Life for 2018 in lieu of sending me the cash.

I make sauce because I love BBQ and I share it because (believe it or not :thinking: ) this community is/has been great to me.


Any left?


Yup, I got enough to share. I made more than 4 gallons. You want less Hot or MOAR Hot?


LESS hot. I’m way too Anglo to handle super hot.


Fuck Claude. Give him Liquid Napalm!


Wait, claude’s white?!? All those waterfalls were lies?!?


Just got the BBQ sauce today and it’s awesome, thanks a bunch.


Fantastic. Glad it arrived safely. Even better that you like it! I saw the EL donation, thank you very much. Enjoy it!

How was the spice? People were a little concerned…

I’m hoping that @Bigfish and @h2daddy will wax poetic about their experiences.


So what your saying LaLa is that I should have sent him your bottle?

@Bigfish you’ve been Catfished… by a Ginger.




It is amazing, the spice is enough to wet you whistle but not strong enough to make you regret it. Keep me in mind if you change your recipe or make another batch.


suck up!!!


Just got mine. Thanks @shortbus!!! I put it in the fridge right away. Will try some in a little bit. Look forward to it!


Sorry gunny, it’s not Crayola flavored. So it’s 50/50 chance you’ll like it, lol