BBQ Sauce


As some of you might know I am a huge BBQ and Smoking junkie… I’ve been tinkering around with my own BBQ sauce for a few years just as a hobby. Some of the long time guys here have tried it. I recently made 2 gallons and am sending out some long over due samples.

Are there any other GRG members who would be interested in a sample?

It is homemade. Ketchup based sauce and I start by making my own ketchup along with marinating all the peppers I use in apple cider vinegar for about 12 weeks. I use Jalepenos, Habaneros, Chile Tepin and Ghosts. It does not kick you in the face with heat, but has a good after burn with an enjoyable taste.

I will ask that @GrumpyInUt or @Bigfish give you their run down, if you are interested.

PM me your mailing info and I will get out this weekend or early next week.


My take was that it was horrible, and I was just being nice…

Actually, I really enjoyed the BBQ sauce. We used it sparingly because it was so good. My wife loved it and was excited to get some more. We didn’t use it on ribs or anything, though that would’ve been good, we just think we would’ve used too much on it, and honestly, we were hoarding it when it got about half way down the bottle.

It’s got a sweeter taste up front, but still got a good smoky flavor. Then it hits you. The pepper really gets nice on the back end. I’m a huge spice guy, and normally ask for an 11 in a thai restaurant that does 5 max, but I thought the spice wasn’t overpowering. I thought it was the right kind of sweet and savory and spicy all mixed into one package.

I probably ramble on about it more than @h2daddy would, but it deserves more than an It’s good comment.


This sounds like its out of my league. This basic bitch can’t handle the heat.


@Lala_Calamari I can send you a small sample and if it is too hot use it to peel paint or kill your grass.


I am interested in some please.


Hey, would you be interested in shipping abroad?

Not sure how difficult that would be for you, obviously I’d reimburse for shipping costs etc.


Shipping abroad would be a first, I am happy to look into the shipping
charges. PM your postal code and I will check it out.


Just make sure when you do that you don’t declare it as a good item. That probably wouldn’t pass customs.


So mark it as a “bad” item.
Got it.


Fish travels the world. He can probably hand deliver it.


True, but lately I’ve been bound to my desk and haven’t been traveling.


Well it is that time of year again. Made some BBQ sauce over the weekend and happy to share with all of you heathens.

It is spicy, but I made two varieties this year. 6 Habanero plus 2 Ghost Peppers for 2 gallons or 6 Habanero and 6 Ghost Peppers for 2 gallons (Very Spicy!!!). As usual tomato and brown sugar based sauce with vinegar and pineapple tones.

PM me your Physical Address and I’ll send some along this weekend.

@bigfish @GrumpyInUt @JohnnyHustler @TEXENT @Lala_Calamari


Would love some but ghost peppers and habaneros scared me!


Gunny - Do you normally like Habanero? The milder of the two has some heat, but is not blast your face off. I’ll send you a small amount and if you like it let me know!


Yeah. I don’t mind spice but losing my face is not for me. I’m willing to give it a go


Sounds good man, thanks!


Just sharing makes you a tad more awesome! But don’t let it go to your head!


I’ll take some as long as you aren’t going to try and poison the 15x World Champion. :rofl:


I would only try to poison you the week M19 launches or right before a head to head match-up. PM Your address and I’ll send it out before the weekend.


@Lala_Calamari @Bigfish @h2daddy @JohnnyHustler @Meatyshark1 @Gunny @TEXENT sauce is on the way. Most of you will get it Saturday based on Priority 2 Day. Some of you are less metropolitan so it is Monday.