Battlefront Beta news { UPDATE }

Download will be 7GB and will start on Oct. 7th for Xbox ( not sure about PS4 ) but no time has be given when you can start download .

Update … Both consoles , 7GB DLC , Oct. 7th , should show up in the store section of your consoles in the Demo section after 2 AM Pacific time .

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really REALLY hope there is a pre-load option.

Has anyone been able to access the beta download through either the app or website?

It is only pre-load available today and even that is only available on PC.

For console you have to wait until tomorrow, which everyone will to play anyway.

Exact times vary between region and platform.

still can’t find it.

Me neither .

I quoted an EA link.
How could they be wrong?

Where was it available from Tuttle?

Origin were offering the preload yesterday.

I did not see the beta yet, so I found this work around…Downloading the beta now! (XB1)

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Nice, just did the same. Now I need 8 hours to pass in a hurry

Agreed! I just played the single player mode for a few. Ready for some MP!

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That freaking always on doesn’t seem to work for me. I am sure I will get home and have to download it.