Battlefield V Night (Thurs 29 Nov)



I am looking for some like-minded fools to run into a hailstorm of bullets on Thursday evening in Battlefield V on PS4.

Let me know if you intend to join up, I plan to start around 7PM Eastern and run for a few hours.

Everyone welcome, especially those with large backpacks.


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I’m in on PS4!


I’m in as well. I’m on ps4


I’ll be there!


I should be able to join you!


Good games last night @unobtainaballs @SoInZane that was fun!


Yep, we also had @spacecadet, @REBOOT_EXE & @TheOmbudsman playing with us over the evening.

I took a couple of short clips, need to trim and upload.

@StreetRacer also joined the party nearer the end to hear us dying repeatedly whilst he played D2.

I’ll make another event for next week, if enough people still want to play we can make this a regular thing.


I am in! I have to get in the habit of saving clips on PS4.


Yes good times/games indeed. I need to get used to BF a little more so I’m up for another night(s)


The mode we were playing was interesting, I hadn’t played it before.


Breakthrough was the mode.

Think I slightly prefer Conquest, though Breakthrough does at least focus everyone on a smaller area.


I like conquest most but I have for every BF honestly. Last night was fun through, lot of choke points.


Rush was always a great game mode too.
I liked how you would slowly move over the map so the landscape wasn’t static but it wasn’t all open from the start.


Yeah Rush is fun too for sure.