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Battlefield V Lightning Strikes Update Rolls Out This Week

EA and DICE have released details of Battlefield V’s new content and patch drop this week. Chapter 2 is called Lightning Strikes and takes us from the end of January to the beginning of March.

You can look at a full PDF of the patch notes here, but let us give you the highlights.

First off you will be able to participate in a “tighter and more intense” variant of Conquest. Squad Conquest features two teams of eight on smaller versions of the Arras, Hamada and Rotterdam maps. Spawning is restricted to HQs and there will be very few vehicles available, which should lead to more careful and strategic battles.

Several weapons will be available via weekly challenges throughout January and February, including the Medic class Zk-383 SMG, the Modele 1944 automatic rifle and the Support class M1922 MMG.

Time to Death and Death Experience have both been adjusted. Players will now see the name of the player that killed them in the game world so that in all of the chaos they can have a better understanding of what happened. The camera will now follow and zoom toward the killer to accentuate this further.

As you might expect there are also new outfits, vehicles and other gear to come. Rush mode is also making a return during Chapter 2.

A new co-operative mode called Combined Arms will be arriving at some point in February. Don’t forget that Battlefield V 's delayed Battle Royale mode Firestorm should be arriving in March.


They are also working on a netcode update but I’m not sure if it made it in this patch or not. I think it may of got delayed and we’ll see it at the end of the month.


It’s a little scary how excited I am to see who killed me. Its frustrating when I die and have no idea where the shots came from.




FYI. @valiantvictory has BF5. I’m not sure if is XBox will be able to handle it.


I unlocked this tonight. Ran the Squad Conquest which is a fun game mode. Tried playing Grand Operations after a few hours in Squad Conquest and just couldn’t deal with it. I wish they limit the amount of fucktards assigned to a team. 5 fucking objectives, try to hold at least 1. Fuck.