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Battlefield V Mega Thread


16 teams of 4. 1 map. No duos or solos. This was the only mode I was interested in and it’s already starting off bad IMO.


Yea I may pass on this year’s installment…


Is the BR mode in the beta?


Apparently not. A few different modes on different days.

Starts this Wednesday, for prepurchasers, the 6th for the rest, and runs through the 11thyou can preload now too.

More info on the modes and other stuff here:

September 3, 1 am PT (10 am CEST)

September 4, 1 am PT (10 am CEST)

September 6, 1 am PT (10 am CEST)

September 11, 7 am PT (4 pm CEST)

Preloads are up, and ready to go. More on that here:

I’ll be grabbing the beta for PC.

edit: A mention of BR (Firestorm) in this video here at 1:04. 4 teams of 16 players each. I’ve got to admit, I was really kind of done with BR, but this looks interesting. Not available for beta or launch though, unfortunately.

edit 2: posted open beta dates and download instructions


Go play Fortnite.


Battlefield V Shows Off Single Player War Stories

The single player campaign in Battlefield V will follow a similar anthology-like War Stories format to that in Battlefield 1. In the latest reveal trailer for the upcoming title, we catch a glimpse of the untold stories of those heroes who wouldn’t usually make the headlines but will still be featured front and centre of the game’s single player campaign.

The trailer gives us a brief look at the Norwegian resistance as they take on the German occupation in “Nordlys”, an act of sabotage behind enemy lines as a British soldier in “Under No Flag”, and an intense battle in “Tirailleur” as players try to save a homeland to which they’ve never been before. There’s also a look at a story arriving in December, a month after the game is released, as the crew of a Tiger I tank question the purpose of it all in “The Last Tiger”. This is war son.

You’ll be able to try out all of these stories when the game is released on November 20th, with the exception of “The Last Tiger”, which will be the first Tides of War chapter to be released in December.


Battlefield V Talks About Audio, Offers Free Battlefield 1 DLC

With less than a month to go until release, the Road to Battlefield V is getting shorter but no less generous. Not only has the team released a new developer diary, they’re also offering two Battlefield 1 DLC expansions for free to all players until tomorrow, before offering the Premium Pass for free for an entire week.

In the developer diary, the game’s UX Designer Nathalie Ek is joined by Lead Sound Designer Andreas Almström and Senior Audio Director Bence Pajor as they talk about the audio in the game. Across the video’s 14 minutes, they explain how the team has created an immersive soundtrack and battle effects, what the team was aiming to achieve, and how they replicated the sounds of the weapons and the infamous V-1 rocket.

If you’re one of those people trying to squeeze as much as they can out of Battlefield 1 before the community moves on to the next title, you may be interested in the free DLC giveaways over the next few days. Up until tomorrow, October 23rd, players can get the “Turning Tides” and “Apocalypse” expansions for free. If you miss out on that offer, between October 24th and October 31st, the game’s Premium Pass will also be given away. The pass does, of course, offer access to all four of the game’s expansion packs, including “They Shall Not Pass” and “In the Name of the Tsar” alongside the two just mentioned, as well as 14 Battlefield 1 Superior Battlepacks, 14 unique dog tags and priority position in server queues. You can see what to expect from the two DLC packs that are currently free in the trailer below.

Battlefield V will be released on November 20th. Don’t forget to pick up the free DLC for Battlefield 1 over the next few days to get some practice in while you wait.


Well that’s not good…


Not ideal.
Don’t know why I descended into the Reddit thread comments though - that was a bad call.


Personally, I dont care, but thats just a bad move. They shouldve been trying to capitalize onnit now, maybe they’re just holding back until spring to hopefully get all the people done with Blackout, and not compete directly with it.

On a side note, did you see one of the developers for BFV got banned in COD4?


I saw that. Also watched his video and his gameplay looks like he is 100% hacking. Some of the shots he makes I don’t even see the dude he shoots.


And he is unbanned


New Battlefield V War Stories Trailer Drops and Battle Royale Delayed

In recent news for DICE’s upcoming first-person shooter, Battlefield V, a trailer dropped detailing the developer concepts behind the single player War Stories. Aptly titled “Battlefield V Dev Diary: Behind The Scenes of War Stories,” Senior Producer Lars Gustavsson and Design Director Eric Holmes describe the openness and variable approaches inherent in the design of the numerous War Stories that range from a skiing Norwegian resistance fighter to a French colonial soldier.

Also prominent in Battlefield V news is a recent post from publisher EA’s website chronicling the game’s post-launch roadmap through March 2019 via Tides of War, Battlefield V 's live service. This post also clarifies the highly-anticipated battle royale game mode, Firestorm, as being delayed to the March 2019 period.

Here is a quick rundown of the roadmap and what each chapter includes:

Chatper 1: “Overture” (Early December - January)

  • Panzerstorm - new map set in Belgium with a focus on tank vs tank action
  • The Last Tiger - a War Stories add-on about a Tiger Tank crew
  • Practice Range - sandbox area to practice all of the game mechanics; based on the Hamada map
  • Vehicle Customization - tank and plane skins will be added, as well as nose-art decals for planes

Chapter 2: “Lighting Strikes” (January - March)

  • Combined Arms - up to four-player co-op battling AI in sequential Combat Strike missions through multiple maps
  • Rush - classic game mode centered on planting bombs behind enemy lines, available for limited time
  • Squad Conquest - classic game mode of domination limited to sixteen players with two squads per team

Chapter 3: “Trial By Fire” (Starting In March)

  • Firestorm - battle royale done the Battlefield way
  • Greece - new map set in Greece on the Cretan coast highlighting dichotomy between tank power and air control

Note that all of these chapters will include weekly events and rewards. A reward is also given each time the player advances their chapter rank.

While Battlefield V 's post-launch content lineup seems robust, it’s disappointing that players will have to wait a bit longer for that sweet battle royale.


I find that weird.
Why bother going to the effort of creating an entire game-mode if it’s time-limited?
It’s not anything new they want to trial, or any theme-based - it’s a classic mode that was (if I’m not mistaken) hugely popular in BF4 (possibly other versions too).


They don’t seem to know what to do. Doesn’t really instill confidence in buying the game.


Battlefield V developers DICE are making big changes to the way they support their games post-release, and with Battlefield V , the first example of this new method will be experienced via what they call “Tides of War.”

Whereas in past Battlefield titles, downloadable content was released every few months that would either need to be separately bought or were included in their Premium Pass. Now, there will be events that span across the cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes, where each change in event comes with new weapons, maps and more.

In the video, and the subsequent diary released on their website, DICE developers revealed what Companies are and how gamers could build, customize, and evolve their companies through the live-service updates.

The Company reflects you. It is your collection of customized soldiers, weapons, and vehicles developed and modified as you progress through the Battlefield V journey – and you can bring it to all multiplayer modes and the cooperative Combined Arms.

This system is set to give gamers more to tinker with to make the experience more personal. They’ll be able to earn XP across the cooperative mode, Combined Arms , and the multiplayer. As they earn XP, they’ll earn customization options that range from face camos and military outfits to weapon parts, such as new barrels, stocks, skins and muzzles. The idea stems from community feedback that DICE said they’ve tailored the game after. For more information on concepts mentioned above and more, check out the YouTube video below.

Battlefield V launches worldwide November 20th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


Battlefield V Devs Give a Behind-the-Scenes Look at Map Creation and Game Modes

Developer DICE is continuing its Battlefield V Dev Talks series with another behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming shooter. This is the sixth Dev Talks video, and it focuses on the map creation process while also touching on some of the available game modes.

In this Dev Talks, commentary is provided by Lead Multiplayer Designer Valerian Noghin, Multiplayer Level Designer Ludvig Kingfors, and Multiplayer Producer David Sirland. The game will launch with eight maps that are located in four biomes. Coming in December, though, is the biggest Battlefield tank map to date: Panzerstorm.

You’ll be able to see the first eight maps for yourself when Battlefield V launches on November 20th.


I put a couple hours in last night. I am enjoying, I want to say it’s on par with how BF3 felt when I played it


Battlefield V Beginner’s Guide: 6 Tips for Surviving the Tides of War

Battlefield V has been in some players’ rotation since almost two weeks ago thanks to EA Access and Deluxe Edition early availability, but today the title goes wide to all audiences. We’ve put a few dozen hours into DICE’s new fully destructible World War II shooter and are ready to aid new players in knowing what’s new and how to use it to win the war. Here are six tips you can use right away once your boots hit the ground.

Can we fix it?

Yes we can! One of the long-standing features of Battlefield are the impressively destructible environments, which makes this year’s addition of fortification abilities so useful. As the battle rages on and the map is torn to shreds, you can press down on the D-pad and bring up your tools to rebuild some sections of the map. Placing sandbags, barbed wire, and other obstacles may seem like a less exciting use of your time, but it’s pretty quick and even quicker if you play as the Support class, and it goes a long way to helping your team win. You can even build up some obstacles that completely close off entryways, which allows for some chokepoints to form. In time, you may even have enemies parading right into your gunfire.

First aid comes first

Just as anyone can fortify but the Support players do it faster, now anyone can revive teammates, but to do it in half the time, you’ll want to play as a Medic. It’s our opinion that this is the best class for new players too. Battlefield 's maps are massive and can be pretty intimidating while you learn the sightlines and different tactics to succeed as a gunner, so in the meantime, it’s best for new players to try the Medic class. It allows you to score the same amount of points to revive a teammate as it does to kill an enemy, so if you find yourself losing firefights, there’s still plenty for you to do to assist your squad and your full team of up to 31 others. Just be sure to fire off a smoke grenade when you’re charging into a busy area looking to heal your brothers and sisters in arms.

Make good use of Specializations

Another new aspect of BFV is the ability to customize your guns and soldiers in a light RPG sort of way. Your weapons now have what looks like small skill trees and the first few levels will open these trees up to you to decide how you want to improve your gun. Every step of the way will demand compromises, like trading a faster reload time for better accuracy, but it allows players to get aided in their weaker spots of Battlefield . The soldiers can do this too, with new roles carved out for each class. For example, you’re no longer just a medic, now you’re a Field Medic or Combat Medic and each comes with unique perks. Play to your strengths, minimize your weaknesses, and you’ll find Battlefield V is a much more accessible, and thus much more fun, FPS.

Keep your pockets full

No matter the class you’re using, the new attrition system takes over and demands close-knit team play, in Grand Operations mode especially. Ammo is scarcer when you load out now, so you’ll need Support soldiers to pass out more to teammates regularly. The same can be said for Medics with their first aid kits, as the game now uses an active healing system on top of the much slower auto-healing. If you’re not playing as a Medic, you’ll need to resupply your first aid kits after one use, which means you’d better hope a Medic nearby is playing smartly. Players will want to build up ammo and health reserves at safe zones too. Every step of the way now, Battlefield V takes teamwork to new heights for the series, which is pretty impressive considering it’s always been a focal point for DICE. Stay close and stay stocked.

Master the new locomotion controls

A subtler yet welcome change is to the way your soldier moves. For the first time in the series, you can both crouch and run, which means you don’t have to choose between sprinting ahead or ducking for cover. This is a change that feels destined to be copied by all other future first-person shooters as it’s long overdue. Another nice touch is the way your character moves when they’re prone. Now turning to look behind you doesn’t mean spinning 40-90 degrees on your sternum, but lying on your back and turning your shoulders and head to look that way. You can crawl backward on your butt too, which gives the tactical advantage of both retreating in prone without leaving your head so vulnerable. You can even dive to the ground when you can’t escape a nearby grenade and you’ll take less damage too.

Achievement hunters should go stealth in story mode

For those returning to the series’ War Stories single-player mode, you’ll want to know the game launches with three stories this time (a fourth is coming in a few weeks) and the enemy AI can be pretty tough even on normal difficulty, as they’ll smartly flank you and call in airstrikes on your position often. This facet conflicts with the fact that to earn all achievements, you’ll need to play the story on the hardest difficulty, which would be a great struggle if you went in guns blazing. Thankfully for achievement hunters, there are ample opportunities for stealth in all three stories. These allow you to minimize the number of troublesome firefights you’ll have in each playthrough. If you can find a good route to remain hidden in the campaign’s hub-style levels, you’ll drastically improve your odds for survival. You can even avoid many would-be combat scenarios outright if you stay quiet and hidden.

If you have your own tips for players diving into Battlefield V soon, be sure to leave them in the comments.


So this is a thing…

I have the same issue, the controller is not vibrating when you shoot. There is an in game setting for it which I’ve toggled back and forth but it doesn’t fix anything. It’s just weird not to have any force feedback when shooting.