Battlefield 5 Beta Thoughts

Who here is playing the BF5 Beta? It’s open beta until 9/11. What are your thoughts on it if you have played it.

I got in a quick game so I haven’t really had a chance to mess around too much. I need to put a few more games in before I form an opinion.

The one map I was on seemed pretty cool. Classes and weapons are different than BF1 so that through me off a bit.

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I need to make some time for this.
Keep meaning to but each night I just click on Destiny 2…

Pretty sure it ends on Sunday though, so will have to do it this weekend.

I played a couple rounds yesterday and I have to say It feels good. The TTK and Hit detection seem right. There was some rubberbanding that I ran into but it was the very first day of the open beta. Also it was a big plus that gamepad controls were available from the start on PC. Take that Blops 4 beta!!

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