Battlefield 2042 looks to be live service, with mobile and free-to-play offerings

In a post-earnings call with investors, EA’s CEO detailed how the company sees Battlefield 2042 as a live service and mentioned that there are plans for a mobile launch and free-to-play elements to be added in the future.

EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson discussed the company’s plans for Battlefield 2042’s future during the recent post-earnings call with investors (thanks, VG247). Wilson noted that Battlefield titles haven’t really had any strict release windows in the past, with games dropping every two or three years and Star Wars Battlefront plugging the holes between.

“So that while an every other year launch probably makes sense as we think about it today, we’re really focused on 365-day engagement in the franchise at a platform level across any device that consumers may want to play on,” says Wilson during the call.

Battlefield 2042 looks set to change that due to EA viewing the game more as a live service offering — with titles aimed to be released biyearly — and investing in ways to keep the audience engaged with the new All-Out Warfare, Portal, and the currently unrevealed Hazard Zone. New ways to play won’t stop there, though, because there are plans to bring Battlefield to mobile, as well as offering free-to-play components in the future.

“You should understand that this really forms the foundation for what we believe the future of a live service around Battlefield is,” says Wilson, “which over time will include a mobile launch, will include some free to enter components and really change the nature of what happens from launch to launch.”