Battleborn’s Season Pass and DLC Revealed

Pretty similar to what was done with Borderlands 2 it would seem.

Following the announcement this week that the upcoming new shooter from Gearbox Software, Battleborn, has been confirmed as finishing development and ready to send for shipment, the studio also shared some brand new information on what to expect from the game’s post-launch support and DLC, which like the Borderlands series before it, shows Gearbox is looking to offer a lot of content to keep players coming back months after release.

In an update on the official Battleborn website, publisher 2K Games revealed new details and information on the game’s Season Pass and its various post-launch updates. Specifically, Battleborn will be adding five new characters after release to players for free, bringing the total roster up to 30 (from the game’s 25 characters available at launch).

Concept art of the first new post-launch character was also revealed by 2K Games for Alani, “a member of the Eldrid faction who was raised as a healer, but forced to be a warrior,” with the update explaining her powers will focus around controlling water and healing team members. Alani will be available to PS4 players that participate in the game’s upcoming Open Beta as an instant unlock, while she will be available later after launch across all platforms in a future update.

Along with the addition of new characters, game updates after Battleborn‘s launch will also include other free additions to the game such as new multiplayer modes, new maps, balance updates, and various new community features.

In terms of the game’s paid content, 2K Games explained that the Season Pass for Battleborn will consist of five Content Packs, with each retailing for $4.99 and including one new Story Operation, exclusive hero skins, and taunts. The Story Operations will provide various new PvE missions that “will be highly replayable solo,” but also available for players to try through either online or splitscreen co-op modes with friends.

The Season Pass for Battleborn will cost $19.99 and get players all five of the upcoming Content Packs (for the price of four). The Season Pass will also be included as part of the game’s “Digital Deluxe Edition,” which will include both the base game and the Season Pass, and bonus customization options/cosmetic items for $74.99 – providing a savings of $10 in total when purchased separately.

2K Games also explained that Battleborn will also provide a variety of cosmetic customizations/skins to the game in post-launch, “some of which we will sell in-game,” though the company expressed that the optional cosmetic content will have “absolutely no effect on the gameplay.”

Battleborn releases for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May 3rd, 2016.

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Very nice to hear. 20 bucks for season pass isnt bad at all any where abouts of when beta is? Or do have to pre order for beta?

No details yet on the beta… overwatch is a huge thorn since it has been in open beta which has caused more talk.

Overwatch has no campaign / storymode like Battleborn does.
That is a big negative for me.

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