Balls Out Blackout Mondays


Wow… That’s just mean!


You and I got close twice last night, but just couldn’t clutch it out. Congratulations on the Solo win.



here’s the right clip


Rough night of circle chasing. I don’t think the circle was near us the entire night. We’ve never been so unlucky with circle placements.

Anyway, I say it was good games but my team sucked. @beers_and_leafs @Grex and @Johneffinggalt never back me up. They’re a bunch of whores more interested in paint cans than keeping team mates alive.


Well if you would stay within a mile of us ya might not die so much. Also at least you didn’t get knocked by your own teammate cough cough beers


I did shoot @Grex because I thought he was going to steal my paint can. #TrueStory


I’d love to get some Blackout in tonight. I haven’t played since the update and I’m kind of excited to see some of the changes.

Let me know who all is planning on hopping on.


I will be on there tonight…probably close to 9.