Balls Out Blackout Mondays


Yep, good times! Couple times, @Lala_Calamari died before I did. And the guys way across the river were asking for it!

Could tempt me to purchase the game. Wish I could get just blackout for less $


CoD is always on sale for 30 (physical copy that is).


Buy it Fish!!!


Tonight @codplayers


I’m in!


If any @PS4Players are down I’ll likely be on for few hours tonight. Prob around 9 EST.


i’ll definitely be on


I’ll be on. 600-700pm mountain standard time


Ill be on around that time if you see me online hit me up ill probably be on watching hulu at the time


On xbox waiting and ready


Always feel free to hop into someone’s party. Do not be shy, if there is room they will get you in game. Look for @beers_and_leafs @Grex and @mnvikesfan as they mostly play CoD (from staff at least).

Then there is all the fools from @codplayers.


Suprised @DarkNiteRaven at lunch!

GRG LFG Thread 2/4 - Apex Legends Edition

@codplayers Blackout tonight. Go try Apex first and then squad up in Blackout at 9.


I will try to on tonight since the game is FULLY downloaded…No Promises though. All the kids are sick…Even the Polar Bear is sick…


Good games last night with @beers_and_leafs, @Lala_Calamari jumped in for a few at the end of the night.


Save Apex ( we should have an apex players group) for tomorrow. BR Blackout tonight @codplayers