Balls Out Blackout Mondays


The props to the victory was yours for clutching that 4v1 win


@codplayers some Blackout games tonight


We got one win in and a few close calls on others. Good games @beers_and_leafs @Grex @Hogarthehuge

@angelofsinx4 what did you think of Blackout?


Very interesting game mode. I liked the slow, methodical pace. My first battle royale gaming experience and I will be back for more.


Slow and methodical??!

Every BR match is a sweaty, adrenalin-pumping, heart-racing and tense affair for me.

Maybe this is a sign that I should drink more whilst I game.


@codplayers Blackout tonight.


Any @PS4Players gonna be on tonight thinking about running my first community event stream


I really need to consider getting Blops4 don’t I?


I bought it just for the blackout its really fun solo or with a group dont really even play the multiplayer much


30 bucks at Best Buy.


Think we could get a custom Blackout game going. Should be able to pull around 10 or so I would think.


Thanks @Lala_Calamari
I’m gonna check a local gamestop. Best buy is over 8 hours of driving away…and also if something during tax season goes right I’m switching consoles.


I’m gonna set up that tourney…soon, very soon.


Order it online from Best Buy if you dont have a store close.


Good idea…


Anyone up for some blackout tonight @PS4Players


Come on @PS4Players @codplayers
Lets show the enemy our colors!


You gonna try it raven its free till thursday


Don’t know why you didn’t! But I’ll look for it for you


Good games tonight with @beers_and_leafs @Grex and a special appearance from @Bigfish! Bigfish is just like me, never saw a target he didn’t want to shoot.