Balls Out Blackout Mondays


I’m down for some Blackout @PS4Players


You know I’m down for some blackout


Good games @Godofbiscuits0 @SoulessGrimm @Grex and even @beers_and_leafs.


So close to that #1 on our second game. Hopefully next time. Did you guys pull out a win after I left?


Best we got was third…




Good games with @TwistedGunsmith and @Meep and pulled out a W even!


Yep good games indeed almost had 2 wins


Any @PS4Players gonna be on for some blackout tonight?


I’ll be on for sure… got another solo win last night so let’s get some more!


No Blackout here unless you’re talking about power outages. Hope you guys all the best and some successful wins!


Wait you got an actual blackout? That sucks


I play around in solos to much to get a win but when we squad up… ooh boy get ready to pick me up cause I die alot thanks for the backpacking @SoInZane @Meep


They got a new game mode @SoInZane I’m bout to try it out


You guys get the new map / drop location and gun early. Looking forward to that dropping for XBox this week.


I’ll be home in about 30… I’m ready to shoot some fockers


Fuck this game. 2 rough nights in a row. I couldn’t get anything rolling tonight and finally rage quit around 11 PM. Several times I felt I won the firefight only to get downed myself. Meh.

Anyway, GG (I guess) @beers_and_leafs @Grex @SoulessGrimm


The swat rft is a bad ads gun hardly any recoil with full auto but lacks in damage a little bit but all around a good gun and the daemon a burst fire sub machine gun will shoot as fast as you can pull the trigger also good gun (close quarters only horrible bullet drop at medium to long range)


Good games @Meep and @TwistedGunsmith. Lots of good games/kills and even a squads win!