Balls Out Blackout Mondays


Yes @Meep that’s just the “Xbox record that.” And I’m not sure what the settings are at…whatever default is.


I will be on tonight for some Blackout. My backpack is reinforced so I think I can carry a team of GRG.


@codplayers I’ll be on by 9.


Anyone on @PS4Players up for going balls out and getting more wins racked up


I’ll be on in about an hour or so @TwistedGunsmith


Question about current version of CoD, are there grenade launchers, is there a way to shoot a launcher straight down on Azalin head?


There is a grenade launcher, but it is a specialist weapon which has to be earned over time, and only last for 5 shots.


@codplayers forget BF tonight, come die in Blackout.


@codplayers Blackout tonight.


I’m in for some Blackout. I might have to try out the Rampart now that it’s been buffed.


I’m on now if anyone wants to play. I’m not to great at blackout but I’m willing to try. I primarily play zombies and mp. Gt is chevahh2clevahh


I’ve used it a few times and already thought it was okay, but maybe we’ll see if it’s improved that much. I’ll still drop any gun I have for the Vapr or the Palladin.


The Paladin is a no brainer. Fucking 1 hit kill sniper. I still like the KN-57 (or whatever it is).


@codplayers squad up tonight for some Blackout


I’ve retired now since I got my Ranger skin.


I’ll likely be on tonight for some if anyone wants to drag a noob around on xbox


i will be on for this tonight


I’ll be on as well and will kick a 2nd room off if needed.



I actually might be able to join tonight! Gonna be gaming/streaming starting at 9:30 PST.


I’ll be on as well! Had a blast playing last week with you guys, so HMU. I’ll join the party if I see one rolling with Beers