Balls Out Blackout Mondays


Lots of good matches and kills last night. Got close on quite a few. Managed a 3rd in duos as well with @TwistedGunsmith

Ran some squads off and on with @Meep @AubreyPiaza @quantumbullet @TwistedGunsmith


No @Lala_Calamari we cleared that duo. The duo that killed us - one was in the corner behind the door, his partner was directly across from the door in the upper window. They must’ve seen us and waited there.


@PS4Players who’s up to go balls out tonight?


I’m down. Let me know when your on. I’m Arizona time


@REBOOT_EXE What platform?

I’ll be running Blackout tonight as well. I’ll be kick off an open XBox party around 9PM EST. Just hop in and we’ll sort out squads.

XBox Blackout Players, let’s play a game tonight. Let’s all land AT THE FUCKING SAME SPOT!!! Ok?



I’ll be on later in the evening, but I’m up for it!


@TwistedGunsmith I’ll be down… gotta keep the dubyas coming. Got a Solo and Quad win last night


I can’t play Solo. I get too anxious I need someone in my party to talk me down.


I hear ya, that shit gets nuts… adrenaline kicks in, heart starts pounding and if you get killed rage takes over lol


this guy.


PS4 console.


Yep on the ps4 if your on well have a few parties going probably. join one and see what’s up!


Hell yeah I got second twice last night on quads didn’t play much solos yesterday


I could use another one of these. Couldn’t have paid for a better circle…

I’ll be on for some Blackout tonight at or just before 9.


PS4 crew seems to be getting wins every other game and I’m stuck trying to carry @beers_and_leafs and @Grex. I feel like I’m driving the short bus and they’re wearing safety helmets.


I don’t even know how to respond :joy:


Got a couple of wins last night one was with @SoInZane and @Meep the other was with a couple of. Other buddies highlight of the. Night we had. A guy trapped in a small room and he had the door shut I popped a barricade infront of the door and opened it up killing him with dot definetly a funny moment


No need to respond, he just likes to hear himself talk and deflect blame.


@beers_and_leafs dude how are you getting that fantastic video quality?! I could have so many clips to share haha


That is actually recorded using the Xbox DVR. Once he shares it on Xbox it is auto uploaded to the website The quality is based off 2 things. The type of Xbox you are using and what you have your record settings at.

@beers_and_leafs can add on if he is doing anything in addition to what I posted but pretty sure that’s it.