Balls Out Blackout Mondays


With the new shiny Call of Duty penny being Black Ops 4 and it’s great Battle Royal mode Blackout, let’s party up and break away into duos, trips or quads and win us some steak dinners. Some nights may start at 8:30, but not on Hockey nights. Just jump on and join the party, and we’ll take it from there.

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I’ll should be on tonight but probably not until later. Should be on closer to 10 .


I am down. Just send me a invite if you need someone. I don’t play solos, zombies, or regular MP so I will probably be playing something else up until needed. I’ll do my best to keep an eye out for groups that need 1.


I’ll be playing on PS4 if anyone has it.


I will be playing on PC @PCGamers


I be on for Xbox.



I’ll get on just before 9 and send an lfg invite to the GRG COD Players club and then GRG


We had at least 3 XBox groups going. I think we had a PC group and unsure on our PS4 group. Great turn out tonight.

I gamed with a lot of GRG tonight! @Ronin (aka HeartlessKahn), @shortbus, @evil_mike (I hope you feel better!), @D1G1TALC1PHERS, @beers_and_leafs, @SALT and @FetalInjury


GRG Pro way of tossing smoke!


No surprise …i’m on the ground bleeding…lmao…


Hell, I didn’t even get a chance to get my bearings when that squad rolled over us.




If any @PS4Players want to party up let me know


I cleared out my friends list (too much bullcrap) but I’ll be on Xbox. Gamertag Rebel XX Heart. Send me a friend’s request and we go from therr


I am hoping to start playing more. I’m on PC, so i’ll tag along when I can


I’m online and ready to go balls deep… er I mean balls out!


Don’t be that lazy. Add in a few and we’ll go from there.


We had some decent runs tonight with @Grex, @MrWhiskerBizkit and @beers_and_leafs. I really need to hold a class on how to land on the pin, loot fast and stick together. Ya’ll need to get on my level!

Last run of the night Beers and I went to Firing Range which was directly under the helicopters path. I was betting it would be empty as most people drop away from the path. Only 1 squad landed there. Which we killed one. The other guy hid in a corner watching a door and got us. (I think it was the one from the first squad).

Anyone else land on a place directly under and find it empty?


I fudged up a win for @AubreyPiaza @SoInZane and @TwistedGunsmith last night. Took second. Not happy about it.

Though over the weekend @TwistedGunsmith and I got a nice win some days ago.

@PS4Players if anyone wants to team up for some blackout I’m always down. Meep30